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    Betting Picks To Win 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship

    Betting Picks To Win 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship
    Just a few weeks removed from the 2022 Olympics, international curling is once again in the spotlight — this time for the men’s world championship. The competition runs from April 2-10 in Las Vegas. As the tourneys nears, you’ll want to see who our favorite betting picks to win the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship are.

    The most popular betting sites have yet to release betting odds to win the 2022 Curling Men championship, but things won’t stay that way for long, certainly not with the tournament starting on Saturday. But when lines are posted, expect the top betting favourites to be the usual suspects:

    2022 World Men’s Curling Championship Preview

    Thirteen different countries will be vying for the gold medal in Las Vegas. The complete field includes Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the hosts, the USA. Much of this group also partook in the 2022 Olympic Games a mere two months ago and recapping what happened in Beijing might be the best way to preview the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship.

    During the Winter Games, Sweden topped Great Britain in the gold-medal game, while Canada outlasted the United States for bronze. The Swedes will bring that same exact Olympic team to Las Vegas, which will likely make them the favourites to win it all per the betting odds set by bookies. Interestingly enough, Scotland will be represented by a different team than the one who showed up in Beijing as Great Britain. Team Paterson will be the Scottish representation, not the silver-medal-winning Team Mouat.

    Canada, the most successful team in event history with a whopping 36 gold medals, will be skipped by Brad Gushue, a Beijing holdover. The USA will follow the Scottish model and bring a new team to the event — a new combination that includes skipper Korey Dropkin and Joe Polo at third.

    As usual, a round-robin tournament will help separate the championship contenders from the pretenders. Upon the conclusion of that stage, the top six-ranked teams will advance to the playoffs. Teams ranked first and second will receive a bye and automatic entrance into the semi-finals, while the other four dukes it out in a qualification round. A brand-new no tick rule will be applied to the competition, meaning any stone touching the centerline in the free guard zone can NOT be moved off the centerline.

    Best Bets To Win 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship

    We’re not going to be making just one bet to win the 2022 World Men’s Curling championship. Instead, we’re placing two different betting picks. We like this approach as a means to manage risk. With the playoff games being win-or-go-home format, you never want to press your luck and “put all your eggs in a single basket.” And while the betting field is crowded, we’re liking the chances of the next countries the most right now:


    This should come as no surprise given the Swedes' recent run of dominance. Never mind its Olympic gold in February, this team is also three-time reigning world champions. The last time Sweden failed to win gold at this competition was in 2017 when hosting Canada beat them in the final.

    Each of those teams was skipped by Niklas Edin, who’s back to defend his gold here. Edin has a strong case for being one of the sport's most decorated players ever, and you’d have to be crazy not to bet alongside that. “To be the champion, you have to beat the champion”, as the saying goes, and for multiple years now, Sweden has been unbeatable, hence our betting pick.

    United States

    Alright, this is rather risky given the competing US team is newly put together. There’s no real telling how the group will mesh with each other. But this is also the reason we’re betting with them — we expect bookies to undervalue them because of their “newness.” What the team lacks in playing experience together, they make up for by playing on their home ice. We expect Las Vegas spectators to roar the US into championship contention.

    How To Watch 2022 Men’s Curling Championship

    If you’re in Canada, there’s only one place to watch the 2022 World Men’s Curling Championship — and that’s on TSN. Both TSN1 and TSN3 will air live coverage of the games with a special focus on the home team, Canada. The competition schedule is loaded, but at the very least, you’ll want to circle the postseason games on your schedule right now. Those dates and games are as follows:

    • Saturday, April 9 — Qualification (5 pm EST) and Semifinal (10 pm EST)
    • Sunday, April 10 — Finals (7 pm EST)

    How To Bet On 2022 Men’s Curling Championship

    If you want to bet on every single 2022 Men’s Curling Championship game, then there’s no better place to do so than one of the Canadian bookies listed underneath. These sites do a great job at updating line movements in real-time so you’re all but guaranteed to get up-to-to-date odds at these bookmakers. Stay glued to these bookies from April 2 to April 10 for all things betting on the curling championship.

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