Top 10 MLB Stars Cars

Professional athletes have been spending plenty of money on exotic cars for decades and the current crop of players in Major League Baseball are no different. Baseball players have entered an era where showing emotion and celebrating your talents is more respected and welcomed, making these superstars not afraid to show off the cars they spend their money on… From Lamborghini’s to Range Rovers and Benz’s, check out the best MLB whips. 

MLB Superstars Cars

Cars From The Superstars Of MLB

With all the financial information out there today on length and size of contracts for MLB players, it’s no surprise that the best of the best on the field look to show up to the diamond in the best cars as well. These guys on this list have no trouble affording these luxiourious automobiles and aren’t afraid to show them off. Whether they are pure “car guys” who collect them like King Felix and Justin Verlander, or just flashy players that show off as many great cars as they can like Yoenis Cespedes, knowing what these superstars take to work is always interesting.

Yet, for sports bettors, “interesting” is all they are going to get from this piece as knowing what Major League Baseball superstars drive isn’t going to help handicap their next game. You always hear the horror stories about professional athletes going broke once their playing days are over, and heavily investing in cars like these do bring that risk. However, the fact is that these days the top tier of MLB stars make more money now then they will ever know what to do with and having a collection of cars like some do is a great source of pride for these guys. 

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