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SportsInteraction Novelty Proposition Betting Options for Super Bowl XLIX

SportsInteraction Novelty Proposition Betting Options for Super Bowl XLIX
Strategically managing our bankroll, this is our one and only Super Bowl XLVI “Fun Money” wager. With DeflateGate swirling around like feather in a hurricane, out of the ordinary is the early mantra leading up to Super Bowl XLIX that will feature New England battling Seattle at the University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1, 2015. Being as such, this is a perfect time for us to look at the novelty prop options posted on the SportsInteraction betting board.

Super Bowl XLIX Coin Toss: Staple of prop betting

While we are not big on arbitrary 50/50 betting options, the coin toss has been a Super Bowl wagering option since Green Bay won the first toss with a call of heads back in 1967. In all, there have been 48 coin tosses and the results are even at 24 for each side. The Seahawks winning call of tails last year broke a streak of five straight heads results. In addition to heads/tails, along with who will win the toss, there is also a “Coin Toss Winner Wins Game’ option. That scenario is almost as close as the heads/tails results as the winner of the toss owns a 25-23 record. Though we like “tails never fails” you are on your own with this prop option.

National Anthem and Entertainment proposition wagering options

We have done a ton of research on the singing tendencies of Idina Menzel who will perform the Star Bangled Banner prior to SB XLIX. World-renowned American soprano Renée Fleming sang the Anthem last year and came in at well UNDER the 142 seconds posted at Sportsinteraction. We get a much smaller number this year as SIA bookmakers have posted the length of the Anthem at just over two minutes with a 122.5 second time. Even though she can be long-winded and tends to hold a lot of notes, in the clips we have timed, Menzel always comes in a second or two under the two minute mark. Give us UNDER for 100 units here.

SportsInteraction Novelty Proposition Betting Options for Super Bowl XLIX

SportsInteraction Novelty Proposition Betting Options for Super Bowl XLIX

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