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    NHL Odds : 2017 Stanley Cup Outright Betting

    NHL Odds : 2017 Stanley Cup Outright Betting

    2017 Stanley Cup Outright Betting Odds William Hill

    Looking for 2017 Stanley Cup outright betting? It’s never too early to start and lay a bet on your horse. Going into the NHL season in 2017, the odds favour the champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins. But, not by much. Right behind them lurks the Washington Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks. Meanwhile, Stanley Cup finalists San Jose Sharks are not being shown a ton of respect by oddsmakers. Aside from the 3 teams previously mentioned, the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, and Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues all have better odds, prior to the season.

    So where should you lay your bet?

    NHL Stanley Cup Futures Prediction

    March of the Penguins 2 (+800)

    Because of the league structure, it’s never been harder to win consecutive Stanley Cups. There’s lots of reasons, like with depth of the league, the NHL draft, and the salary cap.

    Back in 2010, the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins looked stacked and poised to build a long run of Cups. But they fell short, like all have for almost 20 years. Nobody has done it since the Red Wings in 1997-1998. The Champs are on top right now and are going to be very hard to move. But the odds are not great of them going back-to-back.

    The Sharks Feeding Frenzy?

    Last year, the San Jose Sharks finally made it to the Stanley Cup finals, where they won a pair of games. So is winning 4 games and the Cup the next logical step ? Not according to current oddsmakers. They will obviously have to play even better next year to win the West again. Of course, it’s possible. But if they’re going to make it happen, every single player has to contribute and stay healthy. They’ve got a great coaching staff and they’ve also got all the tools and enough youth and experience to move forward without aging.

    Toronto Makes the Playoffs?

    Nope. Calm down everyone. This isn’t going to happen. This chatter has happened in the background in every city that has ever landed the first pick overall in any sport, ever. The lure of the big draft pick, and the fantasy that a young savior comes in to lead a wrecked team back to the Promised Land.

    Auston Matthews is, by all accounts, awesome. But he’s not Wayne. It’s very, very unlikely the Toronto Maple Leafs Leafs team even approache the playoffs until they surround him with proven vets. They will be fun to watch. But you can’t watch them come playoff time.

    Going into the season, the Leafs are ranked right at the bottom of the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks. So betting on them is either a dream payday, or a waste of money.

    2017 NHL Games Schedule And Betting Odds

    Results / FixturesWorld Cup of Hockey

    Always trust reliable sources, not just hockey fans who bet with their hearts!

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