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NHL Draft 2019 – Devils Lottery Wins Jack Hughes

NHL Draft 2019 – Devils Lottery Wins Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes leads a talented field of young hockey stars at the 2019 NHL Entry Draft on June 21st and June 22nd at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The New Jersey Devils won the right to select Jack first overall, leaping over Ottawa and Los Angeles, despite inferior NHL lottery odds. New York will select second while Chicago got lucky, picking third despite staying in the playoff race deep into the regular season.

See below the current NHL Draft first pick odds:

  • Jack Hughes -795
  • Kaapo Kakko +255
  • Dylan Cozens +600

NHL Entry Draft 2019

How Does The NHL Draft Lottery Work?

The order of the entry draft revolves around NHL draft lottery odds which are determined during the regular season.

Teams which do not qualify for the playoffs enter into the playoffs, which gives them a chance to win first overall pick. The worst team in the league doesn’t automatically “earn” first overall to reduce the incentive for tanking. First overall picks tend to be franchise players which increase a team’s Stanley Cup futures odds.

For NHL draft lottery odds 2019, the Ottawa Senators finished at the bottom of the standings, but gave away their first round pick in a trade to the Colorado Avalanche.

This gave the Avalanche a 18.5% chance at the number one pick. Los Angeles were second worst in 2019, given a 13.5% chance for first overall, while the New Jersey Devils had an 11.5% chance of winning the pick.

New Jersey went on to win the 2019 lottery with the third best NHL draft odds. The Rangers jumped into second spot with 7.5% odds, while Chicago leapt from 12th to 3rd despite having a tiny, 2.5% chance at top pick.

The Kings dropped from second to fifth because of the unlikely draw, a massive difference in available talent.

After the lottery results determine the order of the draft for non-playoff teams, the rest of the order is awarded depending on the success of the team during the playoffs.

If you win the Stanley Cup, you automatically receive the last pick. The runners-up get the second last pick of the first round.

The teams pick in the same order during each round of the draft, with seven rounds total. Since more than 200 players will be picked throughout the event, a significant level of emphasis is placed on finding hidden talent in the later rounds.

Pavel Datsyuk, one of the most skilled players in history, was picked 171th overall by Detroit, becoming a cornerstone the Stanley Cup winning Red Wings.

Losers of the conference finals are assigned the 28th and 29th pick, while division winners get picks 24 through 27. Teams which don’t win the division may get picks ranging from 16 to 27, depending on how successful they were during the playoffs.

2019 NHL Entry Draft

  • 1. New Jersey Devils
  • 2. New York Rangers
  • 3. Chicago Blackhawks
  • 4. Colorado Avalanche (via Ottawa Senators)
  • 5. Los Angeles Kings
  • 6. Detroit Red Wings
  • 7. Buffalo Sabres
  • 8. Edmonton Oilers
  • 9. Anaheim Ducks
  • 10. Vancouver Canucks
  • 11. Philadelphia Flyers
  • 12. Minnesota Wild
  • 13. Florida Panthers
  • 14. Arizona Coyotes
  • 15. Montreal Canadiens
  • 16. Colorado Avalanche
  • 17. Vegas Golden Knights
  • 18. Dallas Stars
  • 19. Ottawa Senators (via Columbus Blue Jackets)
  • 20. New York Rangers (via Winnipeg Jets)
  • 21. Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 22. Los Angeles Kings (via Toronto Maple Leafs)
  • 23. New York Islanders
  • 24. Nashville Predators
  • 25. Washington Capitals
  • 26. Calgary Flames
  • 27. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 28. Carolina Hurricanes
  • 29. Buffalo Sabres [or Anaheim Ducks (via San Jose Sharks)
  • 30. Stanley Cup Finals Loser
  • 31. Stanley Cup Winner

NHL Draft Prospect Eligibility

Prospect requirements have changed during the history of the NHL draft, focusing mostly on the age of the player entering the system. Currently, hockey players who turn 18 on or before September 15 are eligible. The cut-off age for North American players is 20 years old. Non North American players may be drafted past the age of 20.

Every single prospect is endlessly analyzed, including on-ice stats along with physical measurements at the hockey draft combine. In some cases, the combine reveals raw physical skills which translate well at the NHL level.

An undersized prospect who scores well on endurance, strength, speed and agility drills may turn into the next Mitch Marner or Martin St. Louis.

Most NHL drafts feature a prospect who clearly stands out compared to the rest of the available players. In 2019, Jack Hughes looks like a sure-fire NHL star, especially alongside Taylor Hall. Kakko Kaapo had an outstanding international tournament as the leading goal scorer for the Gold medal winning Finnish team, with the potential to star in the NHL.

Bowen Byram has the smarts and physical capacity to make an impact as a top four defenseman on a club with a thin blue line like the Blackhawks.

Sometimes, there’s no certain, first overall pick. In this scenario, a team is more likely to pick a player depending on need. If a club needs a scorer, the team is more likely to pick a forward.

For defensively deficient teams, a towering defender who skates well is likely to be selected. This leads to the occasional bust, like Alexandre Daigle of the Senators, Patrik Stefan of the Jets and Nail Yakupov of the Oilers.

Draft picks can make or break franchises. The Red Wings maintained a long playoff streak by discovering incredible talent late in the draft during the late 1980s and 1990s.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Edmonton Oilers have appeared in a single playoff series since making the 2006 Stanley Cup finals. Despite winning the first overall pick in 2010, 2012 and 2015, they haven’t been able to build a winning team – even with Connor McDavid.

2019 NHL Draft Prospect Rankings

  • 1 Jack Hughes
  • 2 Kakko Kaapo
  • 3 Bowen Byram
  • 4 Vasili Podkolzin
  • 5 Alex Turcotte
  • 6 Peyton Krebs
  • 7 Kirby Dach
  • 8 Trevor Zegras
  • 9 Matthew Boldy
  • 10 Dylan Cozens
  • 11 Victor Soderstrom
  • 12 Cole Caufield
  • 13 Alex Newhook
  • 14 Ryan Suzuki
  • 15 Cam York
  • 16 Mortiz Seider
  • 17 Philip Broberg
  • 18 Thomas Harley
  • 19 Matthew Robertson
  • 20 Jakob Pelletier
  • 21 Ville Henola
  • 22 Philip Tomasino
  • 23 Samuel Poulin
  • 24 Simon Holmstrom
  • 25 Raphael Lavoie
  • 26 Pavel Dorofeyev
  • 27 Connor McMichael
  • 28 Brett Leason
  • 29 Nils Hoglander
  • 30 Arthur Kaliyev

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