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NHL Betting Odds and Picks 2019/20

NHL Betting Odds and Picks 2019/20
All the best betting options and predictions for the 2019/20 season including outright Stanley Cup odds and NHL MVP odds.

The 2019/20 NHL season should prove to be one of the most exciting in recent history, and every franchise will once again start off believing that it could be their year to lift the Stanley Cup.

NHL odds are available throughout the year and not just prior to the season. NHL Vegas Odds (which are the same thing) will fluctuate as the season progresses, so you will always have an opportunity to bet. Here are the most recent NHL odds to win the Stanley Cup for 2019/20:

Tampa Bay Lightning 8.50     Toronto Maple Leafs 10.00     Vegas Golden Knights 11.00
Boston Bruins 12.00   Colorado Avalanche 15.00   St. Louis Blues 16.00
Florida Panthers 17.00   Nashville Predators 19.00   Dallas Stars 19.00
San Jose Sharks 19.00   Washington Capitals 19.00   Calgary Flames 21.00
Winnipeg Jets 23.00   Pittsburgh Penguins 25.00   New Jersey Devils 26.00
New York Islanders 31.00   Carolina Hurricanes 31.00   Philadelphia Flyers 34.00
Chicago Blackhawks 34.00   Edmonton Oilers 35.00   Montreal Canadians 36.00
New York Rangers 36.00   Arizona Coyotes 41.00   Vancouver Canucks 41.00
Colombus Blue Jackets 51.00   Minnesota Wild 56.00   Buffalo Sabres 67.00
Anaheim Ducks 81.00   Los Angeles Kings 81.00   Detroit Red Wings 81.00
Ottawa Senators 201.00            

The odds don’t stop there. You can bet on:

  • NHL MVP Winner
  • NHL Conference Winner
  • Odds on making NHL Playoffs
  • Rookie of the Year 
  • Top Scorer 

NHL Las Vegas Odds are available all season long, and you can find more sports to bet on right here at SportsBettingReviews.ca.

NHL Stanley Cup Odds and Prediction

Tampa Bay‘s stacked team appears to be the franchise to beat in 2019/20. They start at odds of 8.50, which is a bargain for a heavy favourite, although it does indicate that there will be plenty of competition this season.

Competition is expected from Canada’s top team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who opened at value odds of 10.00 to win the Stanley Cup.

With Auston Matthews expected to be pivotal once again, the team should be certainties to make the playoffs and will be looking to avenge poor performances in the postseason in the last couple of seasons. This is their time and they need to make the most of it.

Vegas Golden Knights are also expected to challenge according to the Vegas odds listed above. At 11.00, they too are good value considering their lineup is the envy of many other teams in the league.

There are a few surprises on the odds list above. The fact that the Boston Bruins are below the Leafs is odd considering they have eliminated in the postseason twice in a row.

Also, the Florida Panthers are quite high, although this reflects their off-season additions that should strengthen both offensive and defensive aspects of their game.

Yet we can’t go past Tampa this season, who are favourites for a reason. Forget their shock loss in the first round of the 2018/19 playoffs – this team will be up there once again and finish as Stanley Cup champions.

NHL Conference Winner Odds

The NHL is split into two conferences, and the odds to win the east and west are as follows:

NHL Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay Lightning 3.00     Toronto Maple Leafs 4.00
Boston Bruins 5.00   Washington Capitals 9.00
Carolina Hurricanes 11.00   Florida Panthers 11.00
Pittsburgh Penguins 12.00   New Jersey Devils 14.00
New York Islanders 14.00   Colombus Blue Jackets 20.00
New York Rangers 20.00   Montreal Canadians 20.00
Buffalo Sabres 34.00   Philadelphia Flyers 18.00
Detroit Red Wings 45.00   Ottawa Senators 150.00

We’ve picked Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup, and they will do so by finishing first in the Eastern Conference once again. Expect it to be slightly closer than last season though.

NHL Western Conference

Vegas Golden Knights 4.50     Colorado Avalanche 5.50
St. Louis Blues 7.00   Dallas Stars 7.50
Nashville Predators 8.00   Calgary Flames 9.00
San Jose Sharks 9.00   Winnipeg Jets 10.00
Chicago Blackhawks 20.00   Arizona Coyotes 20.00
Vancouver Canucks 20.00   Edmonton Oilers 20.00
Minnesota Wild 25.00   Los Angeles Kings 40.00
Anaheim Ducks 40.00      

It looks to be a much tighter race in the NHL Western Conference. Vegas Golden Knights are the team to beat, but the Colorado Avalanche have put together a very decent side.

It’s also interesting to see the Calgary Flames so low on the list at 9.00 despite their great season in 2018/19.

We’re tipping Colorado to top the charts in the west this season.

NHL 2019/20 Fearless Predictions

We can’t wait for the season to begin, and you can follow all the action right here on SportsBettingReviews.ca. Check out our NHL page for more.

The odds on some of the lines below aren’t available yet, and it’s quite early to be making calls on who we think will lift awards at the end of the 2019/20 season, but here we go!

NHL MVP Winner Prediction

The Edmonton Oilers aren’t given much chance to reach the playoffs, although if they do then we think one of the NHL’s finest players Connor McDavid could be crowned MVP and win the Hart trophy.

Failing this, we’re expecting big things from the Colorado Avalanche this season, so Nathan MacKinnon is another good pick.

NHL Rookie of the Year

Elias Pettersson from the Vancouver Canucks was incredible last season, and his win of this award in 2019 was unsurprising considering how often a forward wins the crown.

This year we’re thinking it has to be Cody Glass of the Vegas Golden Knights, who has been excellent in the AHL and also performed well in the World Juniors recently.

Will A Canadian Team Win The Stanley Cup?

It’s the same question that is posed every season, yet the drought continues. It’s been over 26 years since the Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup, although this season the Toronto Maple Leafs will lead the race for a Canadian team to break the drought. 

You can bet on this – you will get odds of 3.75 for a Canadian team to lift the cup, while it’s around 1.20 for the alternative – yet another American team to be crowned champions. Surely this is the year right?

You’ll find these lines and more by following our guide to betting on hockey, which we feature for you at SBR.

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