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Super Bowl LVI Props Picks: MVPs, Gatorade Showers, And More Novelty Bets

Super Bowl LVI Props Picks: MVPs, Gatorade Showers, And More Novelty Bets

The Super Bowl isn't just the biggest sports event in North America but the biggest online sports betting party ever. You can find all the Super Bowl betting odds from the top online sportsbooks. In fact, you may have a tougher time picking what you want to bet on given the selection.

But let's start with the Super Bowl MVP:

Super Bowl LVI MVP Odds sports-interaction bodog betonline

Matthew Stafford

2.05 2.10 2.20

Joe Burrow

3.15 3.25 3.25

Cooper Kupp

6.25 7.00 6.00

Aaron Donald

9.00 11.00 11.00

Ja'Marr Chase

15.00 21.00 17.00

Odell Beckham Jr.

21.00 26.00 29.00

Cam Akers

27.00 41.00 34.00

Joe Mixon

35.00 41.00 34.00

Von Miller

40.00 41.00 41.00

Super Bowl LVI MVP Picks: Best Values On Non-Quarterbacks

Let's be real: quarterbacks are the superstars of the NFL and if anyone is winning the Super Bowl MVP, it's going to be either Matthew Stafford or Joe Burrow. Of the 55 MVPs, 31 have been quarterbacks meaning over 56% of winners. Our Super Bowl LVI pick hinges on them. 

However, 44% is still a big chunk and there are more than enough players with a decent shot to win this coveted award. Which of the non-quarterbacks have some of the best values to bring it home? 

Receivers: Kupp vs Chase

Both wide receivers and running backs have won the MVP seven times each, good for second behind the quarterback. Both Stafford and Burrow did not make it this far without their favourite targets: Cooper Kupp and Ja'Marr Chase, respectively. 

Kupp has better odds than Chase thanks to being so dominant this year. He set several records this season and could even be a finalist for MVP. However, the presence of Odell Beckham Jr., who could also have a big game, dilutes his odds a bit. Chase is far and away from the best offensive player outside Burrow and at over 20-1 he's worth a shot SBR's Pick: Ja'Marr Chase (21.00)

Running Backs: Akers vs Mixon

All the talk is about the passing game, but the running game can steal the show. Cam Akers has been quietly great for the Rams. Since he returned, the Rams' offence has taken off and he may not show up much on the scoresheet but his presence allows Stafford more space. On the Bengals' side is Joe Mixon.

The 25-year-old is having a resurgence and it's tied to the success of the team. He is better than Akers. However, he also poses a bigger threat hence why the Rams will likely gameplan for him more than the Bengals will against Akers. Not to mention, the Bengals' front-seven is banged up, which could allow Akers to have a big game. SBR's Pick: Cam Akers (34.00)

Defence: Donald vs Miller vs The Bengals

Defenders rarely win awards, especially the Super Bowl MVP. Only 10 defensemen have won the award and six have come from the defensive line. On the Rams' side is the most obvious pick: Aaron Donald. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year is a wrecking ball and single-handedly impacts the game.

However, the odds on Donald have shortened considerably and it's lost a bit of value. Plus, he may be preoccupied with the Bengals focusing on him. This will allow Von Miller, a former Super Bowl MVP, more room to operate. He may just sack and strip Burrow enough times to earn the nod. 

On the Bengals' side, Trey Hendrickson at 80-1 is worth a dart throw. If the Bengals are going to get to Stafford, Hendrickson will be the one leading the charge. He's constantly overlooked and that could be what leads to him surprising. But as far as a better probability, we like Miller. SBR's Pick: Von Miller (41.00)

Super Bowl LVI Novelty Picks: Betting The Longshots

Now, this is where the fun begins. Halftime shows, anthems, and Gatorade showers. These are just examples of common novelty bets you can find on the Super Bowl. You will find these football betting odds from BetOnline, but check other top sportsbooks for their own version.

Halftime Special: 1st Headlining Artist To Be Shown

We have not one, not two, but five musical legends performing for the halftime show and at 5-1, our money on Mary J. Blige kicking things off. It's only right that the only featured female, the "queen of R&B", leads off. Alternatively, her appearance with another performer is at 2.75, which is a good bet too. SBR's Pick: Mary J. Blige (6.00).

Special: SB MVP Mentions 1st In Speech:

As far as Super Bowl speeches, it's almost automatic that they thank their teammates (1.80). Yawn. That's boring though and still a risky bet. Instead, take a shot on either the Bengals or Rams shouting out the city.

If it's the Bengals, the city of Cincinnati has suffered a lot and the SB MVP may find it apt to "shoutout to Cincinnati!". If it's the Rams, they are winning the Super Bowl on their home turf. That speaks for itself. SBR's Pick: City/Fans (8.50)

Special: Colour of Liquid Poured On Winning Coach

Here is another prop bet where you get lucrative odds on an arbitrary item. The colour of the Gatorade Shower has usually been Orange (3.25) or Blue (5.00) in recent years. However, we like for Purple to make a comeback at these longshot odds. It hasn't been used since the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. SBR's Pick: Purple (11.00)

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