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    Early Super Bowl LVII Picks: Which Teams Can Be The Next Bengals?

    Early Super Bowl LVII Picks: Which Teams Can Be The Next Bengals?

    The Los Angeles Rams may have won Super Bowl LVI, but the Cincinnati Bengals gave everyone hope that even the sorriest franchises can quickly turn things around. The latest Super Bowl betting odds pits the usual suspects at the top. But what we're interested in are the "scrub" teams like last season's Bengals, who could shock everyone by making a run of their own.

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    59.00 51.00 61.00

    New York Giants

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    111.00 101.00 101.00

    New York Jets

    138.00 151.00 126.00


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    142.00 151.00 151.00

    NFL Super Bowl LVII Picks: The Case For Five Longshots

    By the time the 2022 NFL season kicks off, which is on September 8, these NFL betting odds may be very different. All the teams we're discussing may have made moves that would significantly alter their betting prices. Still, while they are at their longest odds, these five teams may be much improved and have a shot at becoming the next Cinderella.

    Houston Texans (151.00)

    Just like last season, the Houston Texans remain the worst team on the betting lines. Quarterback Deshaun Watson is still out thanks to his off-field issues and the roster is littered with mostly mediocre talent. New coach Lovie Smith has his work cut out for him. But he is still one of the NFL's best defensive minds. 

    If the Texans can re-work its defence, quarterback Davis Mills makes a leap, and they can trade Watson for more picks, Houston will improve on its four wins from last season.  

    New York Jets (151.00)

    The Bengals made a run because they had a superstar quarterback. If Zach Wilson can make that same leap Burrow did, the Jets could just shock everyone. Like Cincinnati, this franchise has been mired with dysfunction. However, talent tends to cut through all the chaos in the end.

    Robert Saleh has already begun to change the franchise's culture for the better. The New York Jets have four picks in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft and have plenty of room in the salary cap to work with. If they bolster both lines, it will go a long way in making this team, at least, respectable. 

    Jacksonville Jaguars (111.00)

    Funny enough, the franchise that mirrors the Bengals the closest is another cat-themed team: the Jacksonville Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence could be much improved with offensive guru Doug Pederson now calling the shots while the defence showed last season that it had the ability to play like a contender. 

    If Jacksonville can surround Lawrence with elite playmakers, the team's offence can be much improved. It only took Pederson two seasons to lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl. He's done it before and he has a future star QB this time. 

    Carolina Panthers (61.00)

    Moving to the NFC, the Carolina Panthers had a nightmare season in 2021 thanks to injuries. This team badly needs to fix its offensive line or find a new signal-caller. But if it can do either of the two, it can find a way back to the playoffs. 

    The Panthers have one of the most promising defensive units in the NFL. If the offence can, at least, be average, Carolina has a solid shot to make a deep playoff run. Don't count this team out when it comes to trading for a superstar QB like Watson or Russell Wilson.

    Washington Commanders (58.00)

    The Washington Commanders are in a similar position to the Panthers, their coach Ron Rivera's old team: they have a top-tier defence but are in dire need of better quarterback play. This franchise has never been shy at making high-risk moves even if it has to trade most if not all of its early picks for the next three years.

    If the Commanders do it, you can expect the betting lines on this team to quickly shorten. This team already made the playoffs with Taylor Heinicke at QB. Just imagine what it can do with a better QB.

    SBR's Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (111.00). Considering the betting lines, the Jaguars are being underwritten here. This team now has much better coaching, it has $59 million to work with, and has the top pick in the NFL Draft. This team will be much better in 2022. Bank on it.

    Extra NFL Outright Bet: MVP

    Joe Burrow not only led the Bengals to the Super Bowl, but he upset Dak Prescott to win Comeback Player of the Year and was in the MVP discussions. We can see a similar case for Jaguars' quarterback Trevor Lawrence. If this team does become the next great underdog, it will be because of him.

    Trevor Lawrence Wins MVP (81.00)

    Trevor Lawrence's MVP football betting odds are way too long. The leap quarterbacks make going from their rookie to sophomore year can be immense. Just look at Burrow or Justin Herbert from last year. The Jaguars will be much improved on offence and have another soft schedule.

    Lawrence will not only improve on his stats from last season, but the Jaguars will be a winning team. He will be in the MVP discussion and at 80-1 odds, grab this line now as this may be the longest it gets. SBR's Pick: Trevor Lawrence (81.00).

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