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    NFL Draft Betting Picks: Banking on the Big Quarterbacks

    NFL Draft Betting Picks: Banking on the Big Quarterbacks

    NFL junkies have something to munch on now as we've got the 2021 NFL Draft coming. This year will be quarterback-heavy as the first three picks will go to these much-desired signal-callers. We can make a slew of NFL Draft betting picks, but let's peek at the odds real quick (via the top online sportsbooks):   

    Number 1 Overall Pick Odds bet365 bodog betonline

    Trevor Lawrence

    1.01 1.01 1.01

    Zach Wilson

    19.00 19.00 13.00

    Justin Fields

    29.00 29.00 21.00

    Number 2 Overall Pick Odds


    Zach Wilson

    1.03 1.02 1.04

    Justin Fields

    17.00 11.00 8.00

    Trey Lance

    29.00 29.00 21.00

    2021 NFL Draft: Lawrence, Wilson, and a QB-Heavy Draft

    As you can tell by the NFL Draft odds, there is little value to betting on Lawrence (1.01) and Wilson (1.02) to go one and two. Even if your sportsbook allowed you to parlay those bets you'd still make less than 4% of your bet. 

    Lawrence is a generational talent. He's already seen as the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck in 2012. The Clemson product is large, mobile, and has a big arm, and will instantly transform Jacksonville.

    BYU's Wilson is likewise being hailed as the next best talent. He is exciting with a powerful arm and is the QB hero a hapless franchise like the Jets have long needed. 

    Outside of these two, there are up to three other quarterbacks projected to go in the first round.

    The next prospect up is Ohio State's Justin Fields who is almost guaranteed to get picked third (unless the Jets swerve and take him instead) by San Francisco, who traded up to be in this spot. He's drawn comparisons to DeShaun Watson. 

    If Fields doesn't go third, it will likely be North Dakota State's Trey Lance who will. He is a rawer prospect than Fields, but several scouts have rated him as the third-best QB prospect.

    Last but not least is Alabama's Mac Jones. He has a lower ceiling than the four QB's projected ahead of him, but he has a high floor and will likely get taken by Chicago or Washington in the latter half of the first round. 

    NFL 2021 Draft Odds: Other Picks Worth Betting

    Outside of the "Big Five" quarterbacks all going in the first round, there are many other high-profile players and picks worth checking out. The NFL Draft is hardly every straightforward and in terms of the prospects, many are closer to each other than odds suggest.

    In terms of the betting odds, some of these predictions could yield massive payouts (odds via Bodog):

    First Non-Quarterback Drafted: Penei Sewell (3.75)

    If the NFL Draft went strictly according to the best player available, Sewell would be drafted second overall just behind Lawrence. The Oregon product projects to be a high-impact tackle capable of anchoring an offensive line. Quarterbacks may get all of the spotlights, but top-end linemen are making bank for good reason.

    TE Kyle Pitts is the favourite to be the first non-QB taken, but there is almost a 50/50 chance Sewell comes off the board first. Teams can never have too many quality offensive linemen.

    Kyle Pitts Draft Position: Under 5.5 (1.62)

    Speaking of Pitts, the tight end is almost guaranteed to come off the board before the sixth pick. The first three picks will go to the quarterbacks and the next two teams: Atlanta and Cincinnati could use more weapons with their passing game. 

    The Falcons will pick either Pitts or Sewell and the Bengals will happily take whichever of the two isn't taken. It would be considered a big upset if Pitts falls to sixth or lower as unique talents at this position come once every generation.

    First WR Drafted: DeVonta Smith (9.00)

    The reigning Heisman Trophy winner put on a show for Alabama this season with his uncanny route-running skills and sticky fingers. The main concern for him, and why JaMarr Chase is a sizable favourite over him, is his lack of size and speed. 

    But many teams may consider Smith as a 1B to Chase's 1A and it's not crazy to think that either the Dolphins at six or Lions at seven take him over, Chase.

    First Defensive Player Drafted: Jaycee Horn (9.00)

    Although the earlier half of this draft will be offence-heavy, shutdown corners are considered a premium commodity and that's why Horn could be one of a few defensive players drafted in the top ten.

    Patrick Surtain II has more name recognition over Horn, but similar to Smith going over Chase, it's possible that teams prefer Horn over Surtain. Expect the defensively-challenged Panthers at eight to snatch Horn.

    Bet on the NFL Draft and Other Football Events

    Betting on the NFL Draft can be done from the top online sportsbooks listed above and here. There are a plethora of Draft markets to bet on and more can be made with requests to the bookmakers.

    Find the best NFL football odds from these books and don't forget that you can get a free cash bonus with your first deposit. We recommend signing up for more than one book to have more betting options.

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