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Mayweather vs Logan Paul Picks

Mayweather vs Logan Paul Picks

Floyd "Money" Mayweather returns to take on Logan Paul in an exhibition match for the dark ages. Mayweather vs Logan Paul picks will be redundant (spoiler: Mayweather wins), but why not have some fun picking it? Thanks to BetOnline, there are many ways to bet on this fight.

Mayweather and Paul will square off in a six-round three-minute exhibition match. The last big exhibition match between Tyson and Jones ended in a draw, but no such luck here. Mayweather is a whopping favourite at 1.05 while the comeback on Paul is 8.50.

The bout will air on pay-per-view via Fanmio Boxing. If you're already set on watching this bout, you can get the package for just $59.99 if you purchase it before February 11th. Afterward, it'll go up to $79.99. 

Here are the main betting odds courtesy of BetOnline:

Boxer #1 betonline betonline Boxer #2

 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

1.05 8.50 Logan Paul

Mayweather vs Paul Betting Pick

The odds for Mayweather vs Paul are similar to the Joshua vs Pulev fight. We saw how that fight turned outa clinic for Joshua. Everyone except for those in Paul's camp would pick Mayweather to win this bout. So why even consider how Paul wins? We don't want to count out the brash YouTube star, but we can't recommend a bet on him.

Exhibition Bout: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (1.05) vs Logan Paul (8.50)

What happens when you pit the greatest boxer of his era and perhaps the best defensive fighter in all combat sports against a YouTube sensation turned knockout artist? One of the most lopsided circus fights around and we've seen a lot. 

The odds here are almost generous to Paul. This may be in part because he isn't as amateur as he looks. Paul has been boxing for over three years now. He has the size, youth, and power advantage here. But Mayweather will have a significant experience and skills edge. 

Even at 43, Mayweather may also be the faster and more agile boxer here. Combine that with the skills gap and there is little reason to think he won't beat Paul to the punch every single time. 

Maybe Mayweather will dance a bit more. Maybe he'll make the fight seem closer by letting Paul box himself out. Since it's an exhibition and doesn't officially count, Mayweather may be more prone to freestyling. 

But we digress. Mayweather knows he'll be the smaller man here and playing too much with Paul could lead to unwarranted distress.

This may be all "fun and games" for Mayweather, but if it's one thing he hates, it's losing. 

SBR’s pick — Mayweather (1.05). Is there any other bet? We can't recommend paying $100 to win $5 but even the return on Paul, while sizable, isn't big enough. You should look to avoid betting this fight or parlaying Mayweather into another sports bet instead.

*Note: try BetOnline and SportsBetting as two of the best books that provide bonuses and promotions along with a slew of props. 

Mayweather vs Paul prop bets

BetOnline has opened three Mayweather vs Paul prop bets. Like the fight itself, these prop bets are unique and should be taken with a grain of salt. While you can cash on some of these pretty easily, don't bet the bank on them.

First to Bleed: Logan Paul - 1.2

By virtue of Mayweather never bleeding (extra points if you guess the only high-profile boxer who's made him sweat red... it's Cotto from 2012), this an easy bet. The only wrinkle here is that neither boxer may end up bleeding, but if someone does, it'd be Paul.

Mayweather may not "hit hard", but he can tag Paul enough to open a cut somewhere. Also, watch for any inadvertent headbutts or funny business. Best avoid this prop.

Will Logan Paul be Knocked Down?: Yes - 1.25

This is pretty straightforward. Paul isn't fighting a YouTube star. He's fighting the best boxer of his generation. Yes, Mayweather isn't renowned for his power. But he's gone against more experienced boxers. 

Mayweather will see Paul's tactics from a mile away and it'll be like the Matrix or Anderson Silva tooling Forrest Griffin (YouTube it). Expect to see Paul's butt hit the canvas at least once during this match.

Will the Fight go the Distance: Yes - 3.00

Logan Paul may bleed and he may get knocked down once or twice, but don't expect Mayweather to go for the kill. This is an exhibition match and even if Mayweather is in it to thrill (or just collect a big paycheque), he's not going to risk getting touched by trying to finish Paul. The fight is only six rounds too.

Still, we can't blame you if you want to bet big on "No" at 1.33. Just proceed with caution here.

Tip: You may find other lines on this fight, and other boxing matches from other top sportsbooks. It's best to shop around and to sign up for more than one book. You can even get free cash as a deposit bonus so the more sites you play in, the more free cash you'll get.


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