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Canadian Election 2019 – Can Trudeau Trump Scheer?

Canadian Election 2019 – Can Trudeau Trump Scheer?

The Canadian Federal Election is once again upon us, and Canadians will go to the polls in October to decide who should lead the country forward. Can Trudeau hold on, or will his rivals overtake him? All the betting odds and predictions right here.

While the Canadian 2019 election technically is a race between more than two, the Canadian election betting odds show that it really is a two horse race between current leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. Here are the current odds:

Justin Trudeau 1.67   Andrew Scheer 2.15
Jagmeet Singh 21.00   Elizabeth May 251.00
Maxime Bernier 251.00      

As you can see, there is a very slim chance that Jagmeet Singh from the New Democratic party could upset the two front runners, although his 2019 Canadian election odds have blown out in recent weeks as Trudeau surges back into favouritism.

Canadian Election Odds

Odds Analysis

Andrew Scheer was the favourite for most of the month of September in the Canadian federal election odds, based on a number of campaigns designed to discredit Justin Trudeau including the recent exposure of a video showing the current Prime Minister appearing in blackface on video.

Yet The Canadian election odds took a swing in the other direction recently as Scheer was revealed to have dual citizenship with the United States, something that he failed to disclose previously.

In addition, media outlets are reporting various inconsistencies in the Conservative leader’s background, including the fact that he claimed to be an insurance broker and that he was from a poor family – neither of which have proven to be true.

Meanwhile, the candidates to make up the numbers are Green Party leader Elizabeth May and People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier

Historical Odds – How to Predict the 2019 Federal Election

When looking at odds it’s always useful if possible to analyse the peaks and troughs over time. We have data on the main candidates over the last two months, and it really shows a tight race between Trudeau and Scheer. Details below:

  July 29          September 19 September 27 October 8    
Justin Trudeau 1.80 2.10 2.10 1.67
Andrew Scheer 1.90 1.90 1.75 2.15
Jagmeet Singh 13.00 10.00 13.00 21.00
Elizabeth May 101.00 34.00 34.00 251.00
Maxime Bernier 501.00 34.00 34.00 251.00

As you can see, Jagmeet Singh appeared to be in great shape for much of September, although the reality of the situation is that the winner will come from the two main political parties. 

2019 Canadian Election Odds

Justin Trudeau is currently at the best odds he has been throughout the campaign, replacing Andrew Scheer as the favourite according to the recent October 8 election odds. It will be a tight race to the finish, although such a big swing in the odds is an indicator that Trudeau will be re-elected once it goes to the polls.

Our 2019 Canadian Election Prediction

We’re predicting Trudeau will win the election, although there is a good chance you will be able to jump on the Liberal leader at higher odds than the current 1.67.

The odds have fluctuated considerably over the past few weeks, and with time left before the vote, Scheer and his party are sure to dig up some more dirt on the Prime Minister, which will see the odds shift once again.

Bide your time and wait for the odds to increase, then put your money down.

How to Bet on the Canadian Election 2019

Betting on the election is simple enough – simply check out one of the top Canadian online sportsbooks from our list of betting partners and sign up today.

You’ll be treated to a great bonus if you are signing up for the first time, and you should be able to use your bonus bet to wager on the result of the Canadian election. Check out a list of the best bonuses right here.

So how do you choose the best sportsbook?

Well, it’s all about the odds. The numbers we’ve listed above are an average of the odds available at the leading sportsbooks, but for every average there is a low and a high point – search through all of the betting sites for the odds you like and sign up to the site with the best odds today.

Canadian Betting Odds

Picking a betting website can often depend on your needs. Are you more likely to bet on your mobile device? If so, make sure your betting site has an app that’s free and user friendly (you’ll find that almost all of them make betting even easier than it is on a desktop computer).

Mobile betting is also great for live odds, or if you are on the road when breaking news hits that may affect the market you’re betting on.

For more odds and betting opportunities, check out our sports betting odds page.

More Betting Options

Betting sites cover everything these days, so non-sports fans can still make predictions and wagers on other events such as the 2019 Canadian Federal Election.

Reality TV enthusiasts can place wagers on the outcome of their favourite shows, and fans of the monarchy can even bet on the colour of the Queen’s hat when she makes her annual appearance at Royal Ascot.

Sports Betting Reviews offers picks on other sports and events.

There’s something for everyone, and there’s always money to be made betting online.

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