Canadian Betting Sites in Nova Scotia

There are several options for sports bettors and gaming enthusiasts to play in the province of Nova Scotia. Card-based lotteries and sports betting games, land-based casinos and VLTs are just a few of the many options Nova Scotians have at their fingertips. It is very important to the rules and regulations regarding casino or sports wagering in the province and we break it down in our Nova Scotia Sports Betting Guide.

Gaming Laws in Nova Scotia

All gaming and sports wagering systems in Nova Scotia are governed by the province’s Gaming Control Act, which was passed and made law in 1995. The Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division has been designated as the authority responsible for licensing and regulating lottery schemes in Nova Scotia which are permitted by the Canada Criminal Code.

However, the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation (NSPLCC) regulates all gaming activities on behalf of the province of Nova Scotia, including two-land based casinos. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation — often referred to as Loto Atalantique — operates lottery games in Canada’s four maritime provinces, including Nova Scotia.

Sports Lotteries vs Online Betting Sites in Nova Scotia

The ALC also operates all paper-based and online sports betting games in the province, including Pro-Line and Stadium Bets. 

Pro-Line is the province’s most popular game as players can predict the outcome of two to eight event parlays. The more games you wager on, the higher the stakes, with the minimum wager set at $2 and a maximum of $25.

Stadium Bets is another popular sports betting game offered through the province’s online portal This method is an odds-based game that allows players to bet on a single selection from a games list, which could include predicting a tournament, division or league champion.

Single-game sports betting is illegal in Canada under the Criminal Code, which is why the province’s sports wagering format requires players to pick a minimum of two matches on a parlay ticket. Because of this, many bettors are transitioning to offshore, Internet-based websites such as Sports Interaction and Bodog, which offer more selections and promotions for customers.

Horse Wagering, Poker & Casino in Nova Scotia

There are two premier land-based casinos in Nova Scotia, both of which are operated by Great Canadians Casino Corporation.

Casino Nova Scotia, which is located in Halifax, offers table games for every player including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette as well as several types of Poker gaming. On top of that, the casino has more than 500 slot machines in the state-of-the-art facility. Casino Nova Scotia also has off track horse racing options for gamblers. Casino Nova Scotia Sydney offers fewer slot machines, but has all the table games gaming enthusiasts love, including Ultimate Texas Hold’Em Poker.

In addition, the NSPLCC has more than 2,200 VLT machines located at licensed retailers throughout the province of Nova Scotia.

Charitable organizations in the province are able to apply for licenses to hold fundraising events that feature casino games as well as poker tables.

There are two major horse racing tracks in the province as well — Northside Downs based in North Sydney, N.S. and Truro Raceway in Truro, N.S.

Legal Online Sportsbooks in Nova Scotia

Single-event sports betting is illegal in Canada and it doesn’t look like it will be made law a
any time in the future.

Bettors want more variety when it comes to sports betting, which is why a growing number of players are taking their business to offshore, Internet-based sportsbooks. Not only can bettors lay a wager down on a single event or match, but there are a greater number of sports and leagues to choose from as opposed to the provincial sports betting games, which are limited to North American sports.

The first step is finding the perfect online sportsbook suited for your specific needs. Everything from navigation, simplicity of making a bet to even cashing out options are just a few things to consider when shopping around for an online sportsbook.

A couple strong starting points would include industry-leading websites such as Sports Interaction — arguably the No. 1 online betting experiences for Canadians — and Bodog. Both of these sites also have in-game wagering options where bettors can jump into an event mid-game and lay down money. Live betting options are common with many other online sportsbooks such as Bet365, BetOnline, 5Dimes, William Hill and Betway.

Welcome bonuses and other promotions are other factors that intrigue players to make the switch to online sportsbooks from traditional provincially-regulated sports betting games. New customers can create an account and make an initial deposit and many sportsbooks will give you a welcome bonus of 100% up to various amounts depending on the website.

Popular Sports & Teams to Bet on

People in Nova Scotia love Sidney Crosby — the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins and three-time Stanley Cup champion.

Born in Cole Harbour, N.S. Crosby is a fan favourite in the province and many bettors continue to put their money on the two-time Hart Trophy Award winner.

Nova Scotia does not have a professional sports team, but there is a huge number of people there that support the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens. Because the province is close to U.S. states such as Massachusetts, it is very common for Nova Scotians to bet on teams like the Boston Bruins or Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Online sportsbooks offer a simple way of putting your money down on these teams or any other franchise. Visit to read our extensive and thorough reviews of the top sportsbooks available to Canadian customers. Once you’ve selected on, you’ll be on your way to officially starting your online sports betting journey.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Canada