How Does Sports Handicapping Work?

The seemingly simple question of “How does sports handicapping work?” has anything but a simple answer. Betting on sports is a 365 day/year grind that forces handicappers to sift through countless metrics like betting trends, situational and scheduling analysis, and finding value in the numbers to uncover winning wagers. It’s a highly intense process that when done right can be very rewarding.

Sports Handicapping Services

Sports fans that get into sports handicapping for recreational purposes, to begin with, tend to gravitate towards various sports handicapping services to help them beat the betting line.

While this may be a decent strategy for new bettors to help get a better grasp and understanding of everything that goes into making a bet, in the long term, relying on sports handicapping services can be highly detrimental to one’s betting bankroll. With the break even percentage on sports betting picks being around 52.4% on point spreads and totals with -110 odds, adding in handicapping service fees on top of that makes it increasingly harder to turn a profit.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 31 December
FT Nashville Predators 6 - 3 Washington Capitals
FT Vancouver Canucks 0 - 4 New Jersey Devils
FT New York Islanders 3 - 1 Buffalo Sabres
FT Philadelphia Flyers 1 - 3 Carolina Hurricanes
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 2 Minnesota Wild
FT New York Rangers 2 - 1 St. Louis Blues
FT Ottawa Senators 3 - 6 Jackets
PEN Florida Panthers 3 - 3 Detroit Red Wings
AOT Tampa Bay Lightning 2 - 1 Anaheim Ducks
AOT Los Angeles Kings 3 - 2 Colorado Avalanche
AOT Montreal Canadiens 3 - 2 Dallas Stars
FT San Jose Sharks 5 - 8 Calgary Flames
FT Winnipeg Jets 4 - 3 Edmonton Oilers
Tuesday 01 January
FT Boston Bruins 4 - 2 Chicago Blackhawks
FT Philadelphia Flyers 0 - 4 Nashville Predators
FT Los Angeles Kings 0 - 2 Knights
Wednesday 02 January
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 7 - 2 New York Rangers
AOT Vancouver Canucks 4 - 3 Ottawa Senators
FT Calgary Flames 5 - 3 Detroit Red Wings
FT New Jersey Devils 4 - 5 Dallas Stars
FT San Jose Sharks 5 - 4 Colorado Avalanche
FT Edmonton Oilers 3 - 1 Arizona Coyotes
Thursday 03 January
FT Minnesota Wild 4 - 3 Toronto Maple Leafs
FT Florida Panthers 3 - 4 Buffalo Sabres
FT Carolina Hurricanes 5 - 3 Philadelphia Flyers
FT Calgary Flames 4 - 6 Boston Bruins
AOT Chicago Blackhawks 2 - 3 New York Islanders
FT Vancouver Canucks 0 - 2 Montreal Canadiens
FT Washington Capitals 2 - 5 St. Louis Blues
Pause Tampa Bay Lightning 5 - 1 Los Angeles Kings
Friday 04 January
Winnipeg Jets 19:00 Pittsburgh Penguins
Jackets 19:30 Carolina Hurricanes
Nashville Predators 19:30 Detroit Red Wings
Washington Capitals 20:00 Dallas Stars
New Jersey Devils 21:00 Arizona Coyotes
New York Rangers 21:00 Colorado Avalanche
Knights 22:00 Anaheim Ducks
Saturday 05 January
Minnesota Wild 13:00 Ottawa Senators
Calgary Flames 13:00 Philadelphia Flyers
Buffalo Sabres 19:00 Boston Bruins
Jackets 19:00 Florida Panthers
Vancouver Canucks 19:00 Toronto Maple Leafs
Nashville Predators 19:00 Montreal Canadiens
New York Islanders 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers 22:00 Los Angeles Kings
Tampa Bay Lightning 23:00 San Jose Sharks
Sunday 06 January
Carolina Hurricanes 13:00 Ottawa Senators
New York Rangers 16:00 Arizona Coyotes
New Jersey Devils 16:00 Knights
Washington Capitals 17:00 Detroit Red Wings
Dallas Stars 17:00 Winnipeg Jets
Chicago Blackhawks 20:00 Pittsburgh Penguins
Edmonton Oilers 20:00 Anaheim Ducks

If you have decided to go the route of a handicapping service, know that’s what you’re getting into when you begin and once you’ve got a firm grasp of what trends/numbers/situations to look for yourself, stick to doing the work and trusting your own skill with your bets. After all, it’s your money you are betting with so wouldn’t you rather live and die with the results knowing they were your decisions? Win or lose that always feels better then simply tailing someone else’s plays who has access to all the same information you do.

To be a good sports handicapper takes time, experience, and a little luck and if you treat it like a business and do the homework, it will end up paying out like a business.

Tips To Become An Expert Online Sports Handicapper

In the end, there are no blanket statements or tips that can help one start beating the sportsbooks consistently. If you are a sports fan at heart, you’ll already have a decent understanding of tough scheduling spots, mismatches in talent on the field, and how particular matchups should play out. Sports betting is very different than simply being a fan though as you should never fall in love with teams/players as fans do. Sports betting is a numbers game and with the key being to find edges in how the numbers are lined. You should live by the idea of betting ‘numbers’ not teams. If you do the digging with your homework, the results will take care of themselves. 

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