How do Betting Picks Work?

Becoming a successful sports bettor long term means that you'll have to have success in making winning betting picks. How you go about doing that is up to you as sportsbooks offer no shortage of options on a nightly basis. From moneyline bets on who will simply win the game, to totals wagers (combined score of both teams), individual player props, and many other offerings, understanding how betting picks work is critical to one's success.

How To Make Betting Predictions

Making betting predictions starts with basic homework. Understanding and formulating a plan around those questions will help you begin your handicapping process. Which team will win the game? Will that team cover the point spread? and will it be a relatively low or high scoring game are the generic questions you've got to ask yourself. Once you've determined your belief on the answer to one or more of those questions you can begin diving into the research.

On the surface answering those questions seems easy enough as there are always some matchups that stick out. However, in point spread sports like the NFL and NBA, the point spread is the great equalizer and just because one team is expected to win rather easily doesn't mean they'll cover the spread. Uncovering situational factors - is Team A at the end of a long road trip? - or statistical mismatches within the game will help further uncover those answers.

Betting on totals is a bit different as points for/against and other things like expected pace of play are numbers handicappers address if that is their preferred betting style.

Where Can I Find Online Sports Betting Tips?

As new bettors get more and more comfortable with the entire betting process - doing the homework, finding value in the numbers posted at sportsbooks, and riding out the ups and downs of winning wagers - they'll begin to develop their own unique style and process. There is no specific right or wrong way to handicap outcomes but if the losses begin to pile up more often than not it's best for your sanity and bankroll to take a step back and self-scout where you may be going wrong.

Sports betting is so popular these days that there is no shortage of free information throughout the web that can help you along the way. Here at we preview plenty of games across all the major sports with free picks and even if you don't agree with the selections at times, it never hurts to get a different perspective on how others approach this business and implement what you like and don't like into your own methods.

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