Sports Betting FAQ

It never hurts to ask questions and find clarity when it comes to sports betting. Since betting on sports is a 365 day/year industry if you aren't learning new things or adapting to different scenarios almost daily you'll end up getting stale, left behind, and see your bankroll bleed away. This is our informative Frequently Asked Questions page. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for more experts betting tips.

Frequently Asked Betting Questions

Beginning bettors always want to jump head first into the action as they believe they thoroughly know a team/sport and are under the assumption that's all that matters. While it never hurts to know a team/sport inside and out, there is so much more to becoming a winning sports bettor over the long haul and it takes patience, discipline, creativity and an analytical approach to maximize your potential games. Below, you'll find links describing some of the most commonly overlooked, forgotten, and even ignored betting concepts that every bettor who has dreams of doing this for a living should always keep in mind. 

Sports Betting Basics Overview

Knowing and understanding the fundamental basics of how odds are set, why lines move, and how to go about placing a wager are a must in this business. Understanding, how, when, and if to attack a particular wager and what a particular line represents is all covered here. 

Understanding Bankroll Money Management

Arguably the most important thing to becoming a successful bettor is strong bankroll management. Picking winners is the name of the game, but understanding how to ensure you stay "in the game" with proper bankroll management is thoroughly explained here. So many bettors overlook and ignore this part of the business and more often than not when that happens, it's the beginning of the end for one's betting bankroll.  

What is Double Result Betting?

New bettors slowly get acquainted with all the various terms and types of bets and double result betting is one of those. It refers to lines that combine the outcome of both the first and second halves of a game. There is the potential for great payouts with these bets if one can correctly predict exactly how a game plays out.

“Dime” Sports Wagering Options

Dime lines are what various sportsbooks offer to reduce the 'juice' paid by bettors on a particular bet. Most commonly used in moneyline driven sports like baseball and hockey, finding and using dime lines is critical to the long term health of one's bankroll.

Sports Betting Derivatives Explained

Sports betting derivatives are exactly what they sound like for a particular event. These lines are based off full game totals and point spreads, breaking the game down into quarters, halves, or even minutes. Betting on the 1st half total to go 'over' or 'under' is an example of a derivative bet.

Sports Handicapping In A Nutshell

There are many different ways to handicap a particular sporting event and everyone always has their own opinion. This page discusses some proven long term methods and situations to look for that the average sports fan doesn't even consider when simply cheering for their favourite team.

Advantage to Hedging Sports Bets

Hedging sports bets is a method of betting that guarantees you will come out ahead in some fashion once the game is over. From hedging the last leg of a parlay, to futures bets hedges, or even shopping around for huge disparities in pregame lines offered at multiple books, it's all covered in-depth here. 

Why Bettors Should Watch Line Movements

Understanding why and how sports betting lines move is another critical aspect to long term success. Odds are constantly in flux prior to a game and like picking stocks in the stock market, you always want to get your bet in at the best possible price. This page covers the in's and outs of line movement and what to watch for.

Best Online Betting Picks

With many different ways to bet on a sporting event, sifting through all the possible odds and potential outcomes can be overwhelming to new bettors. There is no shortage of free advice out there though and you can always check here for wagers our team of highly experienced and successful handicappers are jumping on. 

Sports Betting 101

Now that you know you want to bet on sports there are many more decisions to be made to help maximize your potential. Obviously, choosing the right sportsbooks is the first step and there are a few specific things to consider when making those choices. Clearly you want a sportsbook that offers some of the best odds out there, is highly reputable, and knows how to cater to their clients needs with a multitude of betting options and ease of use. More importantly though, your search should start with reputable sportsbooks that not only over a variety of secure deposit methods, but ones that have just as good/secure withdrawal options as well. After all, you'll want to be able to collect your winnings without jumping through numerous hoops when the time comes. 

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