JCB Sportsbook Deposits

JCB Sportsbook Deposits
  • High volume account funding
  • Part of the Discover Card Network
  • Steadily gaining worldwide availability

JCB Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Steadily increasing in availability, residents in nine US States can now apply for and carry JCB credit cards. This is good news for Canadians who are looking forward to carrying the JCB brand. Given our proximity to the USA it’s only a matter of time before JCB cards are available in Canada. If you have dual citizenship, in Canada and a location where JCB cards are issued, check out the following list of online betting sites that currently accept the JCB brand as an account funding option.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Predominantly issued to residents of Asia, Europe, and to a lesser degree the United States, JCB credit cards have not yet arrived in Canada. That said, times are changing and the JCB company continues to expand their horizons. The Japan Credit Bureau issued the first JCB card in 1961 and they now boost to having close to 90 millions clients and over 25 million merchants who accept JCB worldwide. JCB credit cards are expanding their reach as is evident by their 2011 acceptance on the Discover Card Network in the United States. JCB access to Canadians will happen at some point.