Diners Club Sportsbook Deposits

Diners Club Sportsbook Deposits
  • Decades-old online payment option
  • Entertainment focus fits sports betting
  • Diners Club cards normally have high limits

Diners Club Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Still a payment leader, when it comes to entertainment related expenses, Diners Club cards are a natural fit as an online betting account funding method. Being added to the Discover Network has certainly helped as Diners Club cards are accepted at more online wagering websites today than ever before. To fund your bankroll with a Diners Club credit card – check out the following list of sports, casino, poker and horse wagering websites that accept this global payment option.

    First issued way back in 1950, Diners Club International cards have been a major player in the credit card industry for decades now. Introduced as a travel, dining and entertainment credit card, Diners Club plastic was once viewed as being reserved for the rich and famous only. However, since their merger with the Discover Financial group back in 2008, plus their presence on the North American MasterCard network, Diners Club cards are now more accessible to earners at most income levels.

    Diners Club International Canadian Sports Betting Payment Option

    After many years in the shadows of the “Big Three” credit card companies, MasterCard, American Express and VISA, Diners Club cards are no longer the black sheep of the credit card industry. Well positioned since merging with the Discover Group, Diners Club cards are now accepted across the MasterCard network in United States and Canada as well. This means that Canada facing wagering sites that accept MasterCard and Discover will most likely accept Diners Club credit cards as well.

    Whether they are wagering on NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL sportsbook action, betting on the ponies at a racebook, spinning the reels at an online casino, or settling in for an exciting round poker, bettors can fund their account quickly and safely with Diners Club cards. Additionally, if your bookmaker still doesn’t accept Diners Club, the card can still be used to purchase, a money wire, gift cards or a money order that can subsequently be used as bankroll boosting option. Check out the extensive list of wagering websites listed above that accept Diners Club and then enjoy the clout and security that comes with funding a betting account with the iconic Diners Club International brand.