Cheque Sportsbook Deposits

Cheque Sportsbook Deposits
  • Extremely reliable payment solution
  • Accepted by most betting houses on the planet
  • Minimal personal and financial data is exchanged

Cheque Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Banks are attempting to keep cheques relevant as many of them have introduced mobile cheque cashing. This new technology allows clients capture an image of a cheque with their mobile device and then send the image to their bank for deposit. Being as online bookmakers are some of the most tech savvy people on the planet, it won’t be long before this service is offered by the top rated sports, casino, poker and horse racing betting sites listed below. The list is certainly a long one.

    Will that be cash or cheque? Remember that age-old question from long ago? We certainly do and, surviving the test of time, the cheque part of the equation is still applicable today. Though not as popular as they once were, cheques are still a reliable global payment option. Cheques have been a safe and secure account funding method at online betting websites since the beginning of time and they are a deposit option that will exist for years to come thanks to always evolving technology.

    Cheques as a Canadian Sports Betting Payment Option

    One of the many account funding options that requires a bank account, cheques tend to remain as one of the slower payment methods – depending how they are sent to the bookmaker. While the technology mentioned above is sure to catch on with betting houses everywhere at some point, bettors who want to pay by cheque are still required to send a signed paper note via a courier service or through the postal system. Depending on what level of delivery service you choose, the fastest are the most expensive, a cheques total travel time can be anywhere from 24 hours to ten days or more. Once received, the processing time adds a slight additional delay to the transaction.

    Once the cashier section receives a cheque, things move fairly quickly and bettors can expect to have access to their funds within about 72 hours in most cases. Bettors can speed up the deposit time when using cheques by purchasing gift cards or a wire transfer with their cheque. Being as most merchants who offer this service have methods to ensure the validity of the cheque, the entire process can be shorten dramatically in these instances. There is still a lot to be said about the security of the cheque deposit method. Additionally, cheque are a good way for bettors to properly manage their personal funds. The extensive list of wagering websites listed above will always be happy to accept their client’s cheques as betting account funding method. Check them out today!