Historically, Canada tends to pop up out of nowhere to occasionally challenge North American rivals, even making an appearance in the World Cup. Although the team has never managed to make it past the round robin of the FIFA World Cup, Canada soccer team betting lines do offer great value because of the squad’s ability to manufacture the occasional upset, along with consistent results against competition of similar calibre.

Canada Soccer Team Odds Today

Depending on factors before the game starts, including the size of betting pools, Canada soccer team odds today may be slightly different from the odds listed previously. Check to make sure your sportsbook is giving you similar or better odds before you place your bet.

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Canada Soccer Team Schedule

This Canada soccer team schedule is designed to keep track of the moneylines before the game as well the end results. This way, you get to measure the value of the odds that have been given throughout the tournament.

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Canada Soccer Team Standings

The Canada soccer team standings widget helps you keep track of the standings throughout CONCACAF or other FIFA international competitions. It doesn’t hurt to check out how well their opposition is playing before placing a bet on either team.


Canada National Soccer Team Betting

When betting on the Canada soccer team, you need to consider all the different factors heading into the game, including the fitness of personnel and the opposing team that they play against. Since Canada tends to funnel most of their top-flight athletes to hockey due to cultural preferences, and the country has a relatively small population, the team tends to be considered an underdog against many other countries. This does, however, give you a chance to keep an eye out for upsets that may be brewing due to an unexpectedly excellent Canadian squad.

If Canada is playing against the USA soccer team, and the Canadians have a line of +750, you’ll win $750 dollars for betting $100 on Canada. When Canada has a line of -200 playing against the Kyrgystan team, you’d have to bet $200 on Canada to win $100. Of course, during the round robin stage, the possibility of a draw exists, which is a complication that you must also consider. Ultimately, the more of a risk that you play, the larger the reward if your wager happens to win. 

There’s also a large variety of proposition bets that you can make, which consists of attempting to predict a specific aspect of the game. These types of side bets can range from betting on the player who scores the first goal to whether or not a team will earn a clean sheet when the final whistle sounds. Adding a prop bet on top of your regular wager can result in greater profit by allowing you to bet on Canada or another team dominating the pitch.