The Vancouver Whitecaps are a football squad that’s competed in various North American professional soccer leagues for more than four decades. Although they only joined Major League Soccer in 2011, they became the first Canadian team to earn a playoff birth, much to the embarrassment of Toronto FC, which joined the league earlier. Despite their history, Vancouver Whitecaps betting odds only recently have them as MLS contenders in recent seasons as they build the talent of the side.

Vancouver Whitecaps Odds Today

As Vancouver Whitecaps odds today change, our listing remains updated according to opinions of reputable sportsbooks. Also double check that you’re getting the odds that you expect before committing money to a wager.

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Vancouver Whitecaps Schedule

Compare the Vancouver Whitecaps schedule in the future to their results during the regular season to see how they’ve performed against various opponents. As you can see, we post the historic moneyline along with the scores so you can compare sportsbook oddsmaking with the actual results of the football match.

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Vancouver Whitecaps Standings

The MLS standings reflect the teams that are performing well throughout the season. This Vancouver Whitecaps standings widget makes it easy to compare the Caps with the rest of the league during the quest for football dominance.


Vancouver Whitecaps Betting

Reputable sportsbooks will publish the moneylines ahead of time when you wish to wager on the Vancouver Whitecaps. These lines not only express the odds of winning, but also let you know the payout that you can expect. For example, if the -235 Vancouver Whitecaps are playing the Portland Timbers listed at +250, you’ll know that the Caps are the favourites to win the match when the ref whistles three times. Since MLS soccer witnesses plenty of draw games during the regular season, you’ll also see a third moneyline for the game, complicating matters further. As you’re likely well aware, the MLS is the only league which features frequent draw games, making it the most difficult league to bet on.

In the prior example, you’d need to bet $235 on the Caps to win $100 on the wager, reflecting the fact that sportsbooks consider them the favourites. Since the Timbers are the underdogs, you risk less to win more – in this case you’d need to wager $100 to win $250. Part of the trick to doing well is figuring out when the payout is worth the risk. So if you feel that the Whitecaps are less likely to win than expected, you may try to score a big payout by wagering on a Portland win.

You can also choose to bet on whether a team will produce a clean sheet at the end of a match, or attempt to predict the side that will score first. These types of wagers are referred to as prop bets, which form a significant part of wagering on teams like the Whitecaps. However, this type of wagering is best reserved for those who are very familiar with the league.