This franchise was one of the first ten in Major League Soccer to compete, starting out as the San Jose Clash before switching their name to the Earthquakes in 2000. Shortly afterwards, they won a pair of MLS Cups and supporters shield, although the aftershock of their success during the first decade of the millennium is weak. Still, the Earthquakes betting odds look to rise as the team strives to become relevant in the western conference again.

San Jose Earthquakes Odds Today

The San Jose Earthquakes odds today widget scours the most reputable sportsbooks to update the moneylines that the Quakes and their opponents have when the next game rolls around. Keep an eye on odds changes before betting your cash.

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San Jose Earthquakes Schedule

When you want to take a look at the results of the San Jose Earthquakes schedule during the regular season, check out this widget, which also gives you the moneylines that were posted before the match started.

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San Jose Earthquakes Standings

This San Jose Earthquakes standings widget focuses on the MLS regular season, when all teams strive to win the Supporters’ Shield, as well as earn a spot in the playoffs. Here you can find points earned, goals scored and goals allowed as well.

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San Jose Earthquakes Betting

Most fans of wagering on the San Jose Earthquakes place a bet on the team they consider more likely to win. Of course, during the MLS regular season, you can also bet on the outcome being a draw, which usually features decent odds of occurring, as one team is usually much more likely to win than another. When the opponent is matched well with the Earthquakes, you may see moneylines that offer great odds for win, loss and draw outcomes, reflecting the difficulty of choosing a winner in this type of betting scenario. 

If you’re not too familiar with the moneylines, it’s not too difficult to get up to speed with the basics. Essentially, positive moneylines tend to reveal that a team isn’t favoured to win, while negative moneylines usually show that a team is much more likely to win than the other squad. During a game in which the Earthquakes have a line of -175, the Dynamo have a line of +200 and the odds of a draw stand at +325, you’ll know that San Jose has a great chance to win. A Dynamo win or a draw are considered the underdog results. 

In fact, if you bet $100 on a draw, you will end up winning $325 on this scenario. On the other side of the odds equation, if you bet on the Earthquakes, you’ll need to put up $175 for you to win $100 on your wager. Betting $100 on a Dynamo win will net you $200, should your prediction become true. You can also put down a side bet, also known as a prop bet, which focuses on individual occurrences related to a game, such as predicting the first team to score a goal during the match.