The Portland Timbers joined the western conference of Major League Soccer in 2009, becoming the fourth football team in the city to be graced with that particular team name. This team earned respect fairly quickly by winning their first MLS Cup in 2015 and finishing first in the conference in 2013. They look to continue reaping the benefits of their rapid rise, which will help Portland Timbers betting odds remain popular around the league.

Portland Timbers Odds Today

Since the moneylines for each game rarely stay static, it’s a good idea to check out the Portland Timbers betting odds today before laying a wager on either Portland or the team that they’re playing against.

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Portland Timbers Schedule

Most schedules simply list the games throughout the regular season, giving you the past scores. For the Portland Timbers schedule, we also list their past moneylines, which may provide key insight into the next time you bet on them.

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Portland Timbers Standings

Since all MLS teams strive to make the playoffs or win the Supporters’ Shield, checking out the Portland Timber standings relative to their rivals may give you an idea of which team is especially motivated to win.


Portland Timbers Betting

When betting on the Portland Timbers, it’s vital to keep an eye on the moneylines presented by the sportsbook that you’re signed up with. Gauging whether or not it’s worth wagering on a team is partly determined by these lines, which tell you how much you stand to win when betting on Portland or their opponents. 

For example, if the Timbers are playing the Sounders, and Portland has a line of -250, it means that Seattle is predicted to lose the game. In this case, you’d need to wager $250 to win $100 for a Portland win. On the other hand, if the Timbers have a line of +250, it means that the Sounders are more likely to emerge victorious when the final whistle blows. Since Portland is the underdog, in this case you’d need to bet only $100 to win $250.

Betting on the MLS is different from betting on NBA, NHL or MLB regular season games because of the fact that a noteworthy number of matches end in a draw. Due to this complication, you’ll find a third moneyline that represents the chances that a tie will occur between Portland and Seattle. Sometimes, you’ll find that a game has three positive moneylines, representing the fact that it’s extremely difficult to predict the result of a close soccer matchup.

When you get the hang of betting on single games, you can go ahead and try prop betting, which focuses on the odds of a specific event taking place during the course of a match. One popular side bet is an over/under on goals scored, or whether or not a team will earn a clean sheet. If you spy overwhelming odds for one side over another, you can bet on the squad winning the side and coming away with a clean sheet as a prop bet, potentially increasing your wagering profit.