The LA Galaxy are one of the original, marquee franchises of the MLS, attracting top international talent such as David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Keane, Nigel De Jong and Ashley Cole. The Galaxy have been one of the most successful franchises in the league, earning multiple MLS Cups, U.S. Open Cups and Supporters’ Shields, missing the playoffs only three times in the history of the league. It’s not a surprise that LA Galaxy betting odds trend towards them as favourites.

LA Galaxy Odds Today

LA Galaxy betting odds today will be listed here throughout the regular season, giving you the lowdown on which team is more likely to take the next match. Moneylines are sourced for both competitors, giving you a chance to make the best wager possible.

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LA Galaxy Schedule

When you want to get a good idea of how the team has fared during individual matchups throughout the season, the LA Galaxy schedule widget is a great source of information. Unlike most other schedules, this one includes detailed moneylines along with the result, giving wagering fans a greater sense of context.

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LA Galaxy Standings

Track the MLS regular season with the LA Galaxy standings widget, which lists the details for the entire league. Comparing the placement of the opposition within the standings may give you a decent idea of what to expect in the matchup.

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LA Galaxy Betting

The L.A. Galaxy are among the most successful franchises in the MLS, which ends up affecting betting pools as fans are much more likely to put money down on their own team. This type of bias in betting is known as “homerism”, and should be avoided at all costs. Typically, the most important factor to consider when wagering, other than the quality of the team, is whether the squad has home field advantage. In addition to travel time and effort, playing in front of a home crowd tends to add a little bit of extra motivation, pushing underdog teams that might otherwise falter to put in the extra bit of effort to steal a win or earn a draw.

Before wagering on any team, you want to make sure that you double check the moneylines to ensure that you’re getting the value that you expect from your bet. Positive moneylines usually denote an underdog while negative lines usually signify the outcome that’s most likely to occur. During regular season games, you’ll have to choose from three lines, win, lose and draw, unlike most other major sports leagues.

Since larger positive numbers net bigger payouts, the outcome with the largest positive number will be considered the least likely to occur. Similarly, the larger the negative number, the more likely that outcome is believed to be. So when the L.A. Galaxy odds state that they have a line of -225 to win, you’ll need to put $225 down on your bet to win $100. However, if they have a moneyline of +225, you’ll win $225 for betting only $100.