Houston Dynamo is the second soccer team to be named ‘Dynamo’ in the city, with the current MLS franchise granted in 2005 when the San Jose Earthquakes were forced into hiatus during stadium issues. Incredibly, they managed to win MLS cups in the first two seasons of their existence, earning a Supporters’ Shield during their third year, making Houston Dynamo betting odds some of the best ever seen for an expansion franchise in their early history.

Houston Dynamo Odds Today

If you’ve ever made a wager using moneylines, you’re well aware that Houston Dynamo odds today may change at a moment’s notice. Keep up to date on the next game that the Dynamo play, checking in on the consensus odds before placing a bet.

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Houston Dynamo Schedule

This handy widget helps you keep track of all the odds that sportsbooks gave for past games in the Houston Dynamo schedule. This way, you can see the next time that Houston has odds that offer a solid payout.

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Houston Dynamo Standings

The Houston Dynamo standings widget gives you a great idea of who’s in contention for the Supporters’ Shield award, as well as squads that may still qualify for the playoffs. Noting the trajectory of an MLS squad may give you insight on the end result of a matchup.


Houston Dynamo Betting

When you’re betting on the Houston Dynamo, you’ll want to make sure that you have a solid grasp of the moneyline situation before you place your money down on Houston or their opponent. If the Dynamo are playing against the Galaxy and Houston has a line of -250, you’ll need to bet $250 to win $100 on your wager. However, if Houston has a line of +250, you’ll win $250 for betting $100 on the Dynamo. 

As you can see, the positive lines end up rewarding bettors much more than the negative lines, which means that the bigger the negative line, the less likely that this occurrence will take place, and vice versa. Essentially, betting on favourites is always less risky than betting on underdogs, which reduces the reward you earn when betting on the team most likely to win.

During the regular season, you’ll see three moneylines for each game, representing the chances of a win, loss or draw. This makes betting on the MLS much more complex than other major sports leagues, which usually features one team winning over another. 

In addition to wagering on the outcome of individual matches, you can also enjoy putting money down on attempting to prognosticate specific aspects of a soccer game. Prop bets, also referred to as side bets, can be added on to your wager for the game. If you believe that one team is an overwhelming favourite to win, you can bet on them and add on a wager that they will finish with a clean sheet, or that the favourite will score the first goal in the matchup.