Founded as the Dallas Burn in 1995, Dallas FC is one of the inaugural franchises of Major League Soccer. Although they’ve managed to have a few outstanding seasons, these campaigns have never translated into an MLS Cup victory or a Supporters’ Shield. However, the team has at least managed to win the US Open Cup. Recently, Dallas FC betting odds reflect their superb regular season results, making them among the favourites on a regular basis.

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Before you make any wager on an MLS team, it’s a good idea to seek out the latest moneylines. For Dallas FC odds today, look no further than this section of our site, which is constantly updated prior to the match.

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The ability to compare the past results throughout the season with the lines that were published before the game provides valuable input in terms of a potentially great payout. As such, the Dallas FC schedule is maintained in this section.

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Dallas FC Standings

The Dallas FC standings within the MLS reflect their quest to make the playoffs and win the MLS Cup. Checking the standings may give you solid input in terms of the motivations of the team that Dallas has to compete against.


Dallas FC Betting

Betting on the Dallas FC involves familiarity with how the moneyline system works, as the vast majority of sportsbooks utilize this method of communicating the odds and the payouts for their players. When you understand the risk and reward for wagering on the win, lose or draw, the next step is to consider the lineups of both teams, including recent streaks, trends or injuries that may tilt the favour of the matchup one way or another.

If Dallas FC has a moneyline of -275, you’ll need to bet $275 in order to take home $100 on your winning wager. When they’re listed at +275, you’ll need to bet $100 to win $275. As you can see, the positive moneylines have the better payouts. The higher the positive moneyline, the less likely that the results will occur, and vice versa. Sometimes, when the matchup between two sides is particularly tight, you may even see three positive moneylines. In this case, the smallest positive number will be considered the favoured outcome.

If you’re betting on the MLS playoffs, you won’t need to deal with the chance that the game will end in a draw, unlike the regular season, which features enough draws to make even the most experienced soccer wager pause to consider the value of betting on neither team coming out victorious. During the regular season or the playoffs, you can choose to lay down a prop bet, also known as a side bet. These types of wagers require that you predict a specific part of the game, such as the first team to score, or whether or not a player will score three goals in a game.