As one of the original ten franchises of Major League Soccer, the Colorado Rapids have managed to win the MLS Cup only once. Recent results have lead them to perform a complete overhaul as they attempt to rise once again within the standings of the Western Conference. While Colorado Rapids betting odds may trend towards them being the underdog, it’s only a matter of time before they turn things around again.

Colorado Rapids Odds Today

Colorado Rapids odds today are guaranteed to change somewhat during the run-up to their next match, making it a good idea to monitor any alterations in the moneylines before you place your hard-earned money down on either squad.

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Colorado Rapids Schedule

As the past results of the Colorado Rapids schedule start to fill this widget, you’ll start to get a great idea of how the team has been doing compared to the odds that sportsbooks have been giving the squad.

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Colorado Rapids Standings

This Colorado Rapids standings widget gives you the tools you need to compare the Rapids with the rest of the MLS. Check the number of points earned along with the offensive production and defensive abilities of every franchise in the league.


Colorado Rapids Betting

There exist countless variations of wagering types that let fans of Major League Soccer bet on their favourite teams. However, the most popular type of wagering consists of predicting the team that will win the game. In other major North American leagues, you don’t need to worry about the event of a tie – with the exception of the NFL, which rarely ends in a tie due to the way the rules are set up. Adding a third potential outcome complicates wagering on the sport, but also adds an opportunity to take advantage of decent payouts.

The winnings you may earn are determined by sportsbooks and their oddsmakers, which attach a moneyline based on the expected performance and the amount of money that’s already been put down on the game. If you’re betting on the Colorado Rapids against the Portland Timbers, and Colorado has a -275 line, you’ll need to bet $275 on the Rapids to earn $100. However, if the Rapids are listed at +250 you’ll need to bet $100 to win $250. As you can see, positive moneylines pay out a greater profit, which means that the team with the highest positive number will be considered the underdog. Since ties are a possibility, some matchups will feature three positive moneylines, representing the difficulty in predicting the winner.

Most of the wagering variations for Colorado Rapids betting consists of prop bets, which some sportsbooks offer in addition to straight up wagering. These types of wagers involve predicting specific occurrences during a game, such as a clean sheet, or guessing the player to score the first goal of the match.