Playing out of RFK Stadium, DC United of the MLS eastern conference has been the most successful team in Major League Soccer, becoming the first to win both the Supporters’ Shield and the MLS Cup in consecutive years. As part of the original ten teams of the MLS, DC United betting odds have a history that reflects their winning ways, with fans of MLS wagering tending to bet on them as the favourite for many occasions.

DC United Odds Today

For updated information on moneylines, you should check this DC United odds today widget we’ve installed on this part of the site. Through odds collection from various books, we give you the moneylines for DC and the opponent before the match hits the pitch.

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DC United Schedule

The DC United schedule is listed on this part of the website. Unlike other schedule listings, this widget gives you a chance to compare the results of the past with the moneylines that sportsbooks set up for the teams before the game.

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DC United Standings

In pursuit of the Supporters’ Shield and a playoff birth, MLS teams fight through the regular season. DC United standings are published here, giving you an updated look at the team and their position within the league.

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DC United Betting

There are quite a few different ways to wager on MLS soccer, but the most popular types of bets tend to involve predicting the outcome of an individual match. Unlike the other major North American sports leagues, which rarely witness a draw game, MLS regular season games often end in a draw. This is why there’s a good chance that you’ll see three moneylines when betting on DC United games – one each for the win, loss and draw.

The positive moneylines you see denote that an outcome is less likely to occur, in the opinions of the oddsmakers. So if you see that a DC United game has odds of +200 for the draw and -250 for the win, you’ll know that DC United is heavily favoured to take the match, with a draw game considered an “upset” result, even if it isn’t a loss. If you wanted to bet on DC United, you’d need to put up $250 to earn $100 on the win. However, you’ll make more money if you correctly guess that the game will end in a draw; betting $100 on a +200 line will end up netting you $200. As you can see, the more of a risk that your bet represents, the greater the profit when your wager is successful.

As previously mentioned, that’s not the only way to bet on the MLS, as there are numerous prop bets that you can play when betting through reputable sportsbooks. For example, you can put money down on whether or not a team will earn a clean sheet, or even betting on whether or not either team will score a goal after 90 minutes. The range of bets you can enjoy depends on the sportsbook that you’re signed up with.