Toronto FC arrived among much fanfare as the first Canadian city to be awarded a Major League Soccer franchise in 2005. Despite the fact that the team took several years to reach the playoffs, fans of the Reds remained enthusiastic about their sports franchise. Nonetheless, Toronto FC betting odds are on the rise after a tremendous 2016 season in which they rose to the top echelon of the championship.

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Before betting on the Reds, you should check out the Toronto FC betting odds widget, which lists the numbers for both Toronto and the opposition that they’re taking on next. We use moneylines only from trusted sportsbooks for all the info we provide.

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The Toronto FC schedule widget provides solid information for MLS wagering fans who want to check recent regular season results before betting on the next game. This section includes moneylines, letting you compare odds with past scores.

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As the Reds attempt to rise to the top in the MLS, the Toronto FC standings widget keeps track of their progress. Compare Toronto’s results over the season with the record of their opponent to obtain additional context before you put your money down on a wager.


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When you're betting on Toronto FC, the moneylines give you the information you need to determine the basis of the risk and reward of your wager. A negative moneyline indicates a favorite while a positive moneyline tends to reflect an underdog. If you see Toronto FC with a line of -175 and Montreal Impact listed at +200 to draw, you can be sure that the oddsmakers consider Toronto as the expected winner.

Since Toronto's listed at -175, you need to bet $175 to win $100. Montreal's +200 line requires a $100 bet to win $200, reflecting additional risk. Sportsbooks also offer a variety of prop bets that let you wager on specific occurrences during the game, such as the first goal scored, or the team that scores more during the second half of a matchup.

It's no secret that the Reds suffered through a horrendous spell of poor soccer, requiring several years of failing before making their recent eastern conference breakthrough. The arrival of Sebastian Giovinco, Jozy Atidore and Michael Bradley since 2014 has completely turned this franchise around, along with leadership provided by Tim Leiweke. They made the playoffs in 2015 for the first time, although their run was short ended with a brutal loss to Montreal.

In 2016, Toronto enjoyed their best regular season and peaked in the playoffs, becoming the first Canadian team to make the MLS Cup finals. They even vanquished their main rival, the Montreal Impact, during an exciting conference finals which needed extra time to determine the victor. The new confidence of Toronto FC should keep them at the top of the MLS over the next few years, making them a safe bet more often than not.