The Philadelphia Union joined the MLS in 2008, playing their home games at Talen Energy Stadium. They managed to enjoy a modicum of success since their inauguration, earning playoffs births and competing well in the post season. In fact, they made it to the U.S. Open Cup finals in consecutive years, losing twice in close matchups. As the team strives to grow from a promising start, Philadelphia Union betting odds are likely to move towards playing as favourites on the pitch.

Philadelphia Union Odds Today

Philadelphia Union betting odds today may change according to the latest fitness reports of the Union or their opponent. That’s why we list the latest moneylines for both Philadelphia and the team that they play against.

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Philadelphia Union Schedule

When you want to check out the last time the sportsbooks got it wrong, this Philadelphia Union schedule widget will let you compare the odds prior to the game with how the score ended up afterwards.

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Philadelphia Union Standings

Regular season games for the MLS lead to a Supporters’ Shield for the best squad in the league, as well as earning a great seed for the playoffs. The Philadelphia Union standings are kept updated throughout the season.


Philadelphia Union Betting

Reading the moneylines is the key to success when wagering on the Philadelphia Union. When you see that the Union are listed at -225 when playing against D.C. United with a line of +300, you should know immediately that the Union are much more likely to win the match. During the regular season, you’ll also see a third moneyline for the draw, which is an outcome that soccer wagering fans have to consider, unlike leagues like the MLB and NBA, which don’t have draw games. In this example, the Union matchup with D.C. United may have a moneyline of +200 for the draw.

To win $100 on the Union, you’ll need to put down $225 on the team since they’re the favourites. A D.C. United win will net you $300 if you bet $100 on them while you’ll win $200 for a draw game for the same $100 wager. As you can see, since the outcome of the positive moneylines are less likely, you win more by betting on the increased risk. Close matchups for the MLS may even feature three positive moneylines, as each outcome entails a risk due to the potential of a draw game.

Not all betting involves predicting the winner of a single matchup. Some sportsbooks also have a wide range of proposition betting available for soccer fans who are well versed on the specifics of the sports and the individual traits of each squad. Prop bets include simple wagers, like betting on a team that will finish with a clean sheet at the end of the game. Other types of this wagering include predicting the first or the last team to score a goal, or the team that wins the second half of a game.