Along with the L.A. Galaxy, the New York Red Bulls are one of the most famous teams in the MLS, also a founding franchise with the league. Since they were purchased by frequent sponsor Red Bull, the team has flown to greater heights, earning their first couple of supporters shields and performing well in the playoffs. As a result, New York Red Bulls betting odds end up favouring this squad over their competitors.

New York Red Bulls Odds Today

Moneylines often change before any matchup, which makes it worth your while to track the latest numbers offered by sportsbooks through this New York Red Bulls betting odds widget, which gives you the latest probabilities for the next game.

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New York Red Bulls Schedule

The Red Bulls schedule is published on this part of the site. Unlike other schedule listings, this one is tailored towards fans of MLS wagering. In addition to past results for the games, we also give you the odds that sportsbooks gave, letting you see the last time the Red Bulls were involved in an upset.

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New York Red Bulls Standings

As the Red Bulls attempt to earn a Supporter’s Shield and an MLS Cup, keep tabs on their progress through this New York Red Bulls standings widget. We also list goals for and against to give you a decent idea of the offensive and defensive trends of each MLS squad.

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New York Red Bulls Betting

Due to the fact that MLS regular season games have a noteworthy chance of finishing in a draw, betting on the New York Red Bulls is a bit more complicated than betting on the New York Knicks. The existence of a third outcome complicates wagering on soccer in general, although the odds that you receive make it worthwhile for those who are familiar with the league and the sport.

The moneylines that you get from reputable sportsbooks will let you know how the score is expected to turn out. If the Red Bulls have a line of -175 playing against D.C. United with a line of +200, you can be sure that New York is favoured to win because negative numbers represent the favourites while the positive numbers signify the less likely outcome. In fact, to make $100 betting on the Red Bulls, you’d have to put down $175, while you’d make $200 on a winning $100 bet for D.C. United.

Predicting the various aspects of a soccer match is another way of wagering on MLS play. For example, you can bet on which team you believe will be the first to score, or whether or not a team will produce a clean sheet at the end of a match. If you’re extra adventurous, you can attempt to predict the last team to score during the game, or even pinpoint the player who will score the game winning strike. Known as prop betting, the variety of wagers you may undertake varies according to the sportsbook that you’re signed up with.