One of the newest members of Major League Soccer is the New York City FC, which joined in 2013. They’re the first to play in New York City, with Yankee Stadium serving as their home field. They join the New York Red Bulls as the other team within the NY metropolitan area. As a member of the eastern conference, New York City FC betting odds are likely to reflect the team as an upstart attempting to work their way towards consistent results.

New York City FC Odds Today

Whenever you need the latest info on the next NYC FC game, visit this portion of our website to get the latest numbers. New York City FC betting odds fluctuate before the game, making it worth your while to double check the moneylines for both teams.

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New York City FC Schedule

New York City FC schedule and odds for the entire season is provided by this widget, which gives you a chance to measure the odds that were given with the results that the club earned. You can also see future matchups for the rest of the regular season as well.

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New York City FC Standings

This New York City FC standings widget lets you chart the progress of the squad throughout the regular season. In addition to giving you the results for the games, you can also keep up with the offensive production and defensive abilities of the entire MLS.

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New York FC Betting

Betting on the outcome of soccer matches tends to be a bit more difficult than predicting the outcome of sports such as football, baseball, basketball and hockey because of the frequent occurrence of ties. The only other sports league in the United States other than the MLS which features draws are the NFL. However, while draws occur dozens of times throughout the soccer regular season, a draw in the NFL typically happens a few times per decade at most.

For this reason, you’ll probably see three moneylines when you bet on the New York City FC, one for win, lose and draw. If you see a negative number beside the result, it’s more likely to happen. If you see a positive number, it means that the particular outcome is less likely to occur. As a result, if you see that the NYC FC has a +250 to draw but a -125 line to win, you’ll need to wager $100 to win $250. However, since they’re favoured to win, if you bet on that result, you’ll need to put down $125 to win $100.

There are a wide variety of bets that MLS fans can undertake, other than the win, lose or draw scenario. These are typically referred to as proposition wagers, or prop bets for short. Prop bets can be pretty much anything, from betting on the first player to score a goal to whether or not a team will be ahead after 45 minutes of play. Depending on your level of expertise, you may wish to hedge or magnify your wager through prop betting.