The Montreal Impact joined the MLS as a late addition, displacing the squad from the NASL group of the United Soccer Leagues. Since joining the MLS in 2010, they quickly won consecutive Canadian Championships and managed to make a dent in the playoffs as well. As a result, Montreal Impact betting odds show a team on the rise, making a smooth transition into the premiere North American professional soccer league as a tough competitor.

Montreal Impact Odds Today

Montreal Impact odds today are updated frequently, reflecting the numbers that sportsbooks publish for their next matchup. We list the odds for both competitors so you can compare the merits of wagering on either side.

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Montreal Impact Schedule

The Montreal Impact schedule is updated throughout the MLS season, letting you know all the past results and odds while showing you the next matchups for the squad. Moneylines listed here are derived from online sportsbooks.

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Montreal Impact Standings

The MLS standings offer the chance to earn a spot in the playoffs, as well as the opportunity of earning a Supporters’ Shield for best regular season side. The Montreal Impact standings widget shows you the location of the team within the MLS regular season.


Montreal Impact Betting

Despite being one of the newer teams in the MLS, betting on the Montreal Impact has proven to be worthwhile because of their fast adaptation to the league. As a result, when you see moneylines for the Impact, you’ll notice that they have slightly worse betting odds than you may expect. 

For the most part, when you’re betting on the MLS, the moneylines will dictate how you choose to wager. Positive lines have a better payout than negative lines because the latter represents the favourite while the former represents the underdog.

So if the Impact are listed as -250 while Toronto FC are listed at +225, you will know immediately that the Impact are more likely to win. In fact, you’d need to wager $250 to win $100 on Montreal in this scenario, while you’d need to wager only $100 to win $250 for a Toronto win. 

Complicating matters further is the fact that soccer, unlike other major professional sports, witnesses a notable number of draw games. Because of this, you’ll also see a moneyline for the odds that a game will end up finishing in a draw. When the game is evenly matched, you may see all three results listed with positive moneylines because neither oddsmakers nor wagering fans have a clue how the match will turn out.

In addition to wagering on the outcome of a game, you can also make prop bets that attempt to predict very specific events during a match. You can wager on which team, if either, will win the first or the second half of the match. You may also wager on individual players, betting on whether or not they’ll score the first goal, the last goal or the game winning strike.