Columbus Crew FC and their fans have enjoyed the influence of new ownership, spurred by the leadership of Anthony Precourt. In addition to renovations for their home field, new ownership has infused an energetic new identity into their franchise, helping them re-emerge as playoff contenders. As such, Columbus Crew SC betting odds show that the team is on their way to climbing back to their glory days during the latter half of the first decade of the millennium.

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The Columbus Crew betting odds widget is designed to keep you updated on the moneylines for the next time the Crew hits the pitch. We source the numbers for both teams from trusted sportsbooks around the web.

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Past results and moneylines can be found in the Columbus Crew schedule widget, which maintains records of past games for wagering fans of the MLS. We also give you the upcoming schedule for rest of the regular season as well.

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The third widget we provide for wagering fans is the Columbus Crew standings, which sets up comparisons across conferences as teams strive for the MLS Supporters’ Shield and a birth in the playoffs.


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Unlike other North American sports that are popular for fans of wagering, soccer matches may end in a draw, which complicates the decision of which team you should bet on. Due to this significant difference, you may find three moneylines published for each match. In addition to the usual odds of winning for each individual team, you’ll also see numbers that reflect the chances that the game will end in a tie.

Not all draws are considered equal in the eyes of football fans. In fact, when a heavily favoured team like the Crew take on a struggling squad like the Rapids, the game ending in a draw is considered a favourable outcome for the Rapids, not the Crew. This additional wrinkle forms the most challenging part of wagering on soccer.

Reading the moneylines is crucial as you’re betting on the MLS. When you see a negative moneyline, it means that the outcome is considered very likely to occur. With positive moneylines, you can be sure that the sportsbooks aren’t confident in that particular outcome occurring. You may even see a trio of positive moneylines, signalling that bettors and oddsmakers aren’t exactly sure what will happen.

When calculating the payout, you should keep in mind that positive lines give you greater payouts. If you’re betting on a -175 line, you’ll need to wager $175 to win $100. On the other hand, if you’re wagering on a +175 line, you only need to put down $100 to take home $175 for that outcome taking place.

The Crew look to make it back to the finals after being upset during their last journey to recapture the glory of their last MLS Cup win and another potential Supporters Shield.