The Chicago Fire Soccer Club was established in 1997, commemorating the 1871 disaster that destroyed several square kilometers of the city. Incredibly, in their first season in the MLS, the Chicago Fire pulled off the double, taking home both the U.S. Open Cup and the MLS Cup in a wildly successful debut season. Since their terrific first few seasons, Chicago Fire betting odds have reflected recent inconsistency as they attempt to recapture past glory.

Chicago Fire Odds Today

Chicago Fire odds today may change tomorrow, so it’s always a good idea to double check the numbers before you place a wager on the match. The moneylines may also change for the opposition, so we list the updated numbers for the other team as well.

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Chicago Fire Schedule

The Chicago Fire schedule for this year is posted for wagering fans looking for a tool that will give them the odds for games that happened throughout the year. This allows MLS fans to compare the moneylines before the game with the score afterwards.

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Chicago Fire Standings

The chase for the Supporters’ Shield will be updated in this section throughout the year, giving you a chance to look at the Chicago Fire standings, including details such as goal scored and allowed.


Chicago Fire Betting

When betting on the outcome of the Chicago Fire for a regular season game, you’ll see odds for win, lose and draw, unlike other major North American wagering systems, which typically feature numbers for either team winning. This complicates soccer betting somewhat, even spawning wagering systems that focus on the frequency of draws.

For a matchup between the Fire and the Montreal Impact, if you notice that the Fire are listed as -225 for the win and +400 for the draw, you’ll know immediately that the wagering pool and sportsbooks believe that the Fire will be the likely victors. In fact, if you bet $100 on the draw in this scenario, you’ll win $400, while a $225 bet on a win will produce only $100 in winnings. This reflects the fact that you risk much more betting on an unlikely outcome, which is rewarded by a better payout. In the knockout round of playoffs, one team will move on after the game is finished, which eliminates the potential for a draw.

You can spice up your wagering action by checking out one of many prop bets that can be found when you play through reputable sportsbooks. You can find odds for the first player or team to score a goal, the team to win the first or second half of a match, the over/under for goals scored or even the last team to score a goal in the game. These types of bets typically require a bit more expertise for you to be successful because you have to be familiar with the capabilities of both teams and the flow of a typical MLS matchup.