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It may not be quite as popular as it is in Europe, soccer in North America still offers bettors some of best action and competition. Soccer betting odds start early in the day with European league matches and continue on through with North America’s own Major League Soccer. Of course soccer’s biggest card is the World Cup – an event that captures the world’s attention every four years. With all the leagues and the World Cup bettors have a great selection of games and options to choose from. [+]

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Whether you are up early for European action or looking to bet on some Major League Soccer, we have soccer betting odds today with the best money lines and wagering options available. 

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    Best Soccer Betting Tips

    Soccer’s popularity in North America has skyrocketed over the past few decades and with the more Canadian content than ever, this is a prime time to get into soccer betting. Major League Soccer is one of North America’s fastest growing sports leagues - a league that is aiming to reach NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL levels of popularity and compete against the European leagues. The league has three Canadian teams and a decent amount of Canadian players. MLS offers plenty of wagering options through our top rated sportsbook.  

    Even though Canada’s history in the World Cup isn’t that impressive it is still immensely popular and one of the largest betting events every time it rolls around.  Combine this with how multicultural Canada is and the World Cup becomes more than just about soccer, it becomes a cultural event that brings together families and communities. For that one month Canada becomes a soccer nation, pushing hockey and other sports to the back burner. With the next world cup up in 2018, there is time to practice up on your World Cup betting with a large amount of friendly and qualifying matches in lead-up to the event.   

    Betting on soccer is a challenge, but here are some tips to help you make better decisions. Major League Soccer has a tendency to be higher soccer than European or World Cup soccer and will have a higher over/under – so don’t be weary when you see a line set at 4.5 when the Euro leagues tend to be a goal or two lower. World Cup soccer is dominated by a handful of powerhouse countries and the money lines will reflect this. Check match history before picking an underdog as some countries have never lost to others. Outside of this, keeping track of the standings, looking at match location and checking injuries remain important.