The almighty Team Canada will be the favorites in the tournament and outside having the strongest lineup will also have home ice advantage. The team was founded in 1963 and first used their moniker in the 1972 Summit Series. As the world leader in hockey, the nation has won nine Olympic gold medals (the most in the world), 26 IIHF World Championships and are the defending champions of the World Cup. [+]

They are part of the “Big Six” club, an unofficial group comprised of the strongest hockey nations. Both Canadians and bettors will be throwing money at the club hoping for a quick and easy profit.

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This is the latest game for Team Canada complete with betting odds and game time. We update the score regularly so bookmark this page and never lose track of the action.

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This table gives you a track record on how Team Canada is doing in international tournaments. Odds are also listed and you can view both the Olympics and World Cup.

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Here is a glimpse of the World Cup groups complete with records. “GF” means “goals for” and “GA” means “goals against”. Check often to keep track of Team Canada’s progress. 


Canada Hockey Betting

Even if you’re not a diehard Canadian, you can at least expect them to win games and it’d be tough to pass up a chance to win money along with their success. The standard bet on Team Canada occurs in the money line where their odds are lined as a minus or plus number. If Team Canada is -200 it means a $200 bet is required to win back $100 while on the rare chance they are an underdog like +125, it means $125 is returned on a $100 bet.

The team is a constant favorite to win international tournaments thanks to the country’s strong grassroots for the game. The 2016 version of Team Canada is loaded from top to bottom and they have a nice balance of scoring, two-way play and grit. The forwards produce scoring chances at a constant rate, the defense is the best in the whole tournament and the goaltenders can all dominate a game by themselves.

If there’s one issue to focus on with the team it’s their overabundance of centers. The majority of the team’s forwards are natural centermen and plenty will be shifted to the wing. While this transition is simpler than a wing converting to a center, some may take time to adjust or play at a different tone than when in their natural position. Still, it’s a minor gripe and shouldn’t deter the team overall.

The “Futures” category can be an alternative way to bet. Here, you predict who wins the tournament. Due to the long-term nature of the bet, this can be riskier but more lucrative. Team Canada will be the favorite to win it all but at an affordable price.