The World Cup of Ice Hockey may not be as big as the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics but it’s arguably built to be more enjoyable for the hockey die-hards. Organized by the NHL, the tournament is a spiritual successor to the Canada Cup. The US won the first World Cup with Canada winning the second and 2016’s tournament will be the third. It features the “Big Six” elite hockey nations plus two special all-star teams. Betting opportunities are aplenty as the eight-team tournament proves to be highly competitive and entertaining. 

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    The World Cup of Hockey is a two-week hockey extravaganza that is built to showcase only the best hockey talent there is. Majority of the players are straight from the NHL. The preliminary stages are made of two groups of four. The teams play each other round robin-style and the top two from each group advance to the semifinals. Unique to the World Cup is a finals that consists of a best-of-three series. The tight-knit tournament has no “gimmes”. Each game matters more than bigger tournaments creating plenty of room for upsets and unpredictability.

    The simplest way to bet on games is to play the money line. This is a straight bet where you pick the team you expect to win. Teams are lined as a minus number or plus number indicating the favorite or underdog, respectively. Minus indicates how much you need to bet to win $100. For instance, -150 means $150 returns $100. Plus indicates how much you win on a $100 bet. +130 means $130 is returned on a $100 wager.

    As competitive as the tournament looks, Team Canada still stands as the clear-cut favorite to win it all. The Canadians have a stacked team from their glut of superstar forwards to award-winning defensemen to MVP-caliber goaltenders. There are very few weaknesses if any to point out with the defending champions. Look for the red and white to be wearing gold when the tournament is finished although as history suggests, the nation is not upset-proof.

    Outside Canada, the next best teams appear to be Sweden, Russia and the United States. Each team is led by their own superstars as well. But most intriguing is Team North America, which will be boasting the brightest under-23 players the NHL has. The team is comprised of first overall picks and promising talent who could be the top superstars in the NHL. While they are short in experience, they will be young and hungry and could be a sharp underdog bet.