Winning a Stanley Cup is hard. Winning two in three years is even harder. The Kings managed to acheive this feat between 2012 and 2014. This is especially incredible when you observe that they have won one Divison Championship and only three Conference Championships. Yet, the franchise was founded in 1967. The Los Angeles Kings serve as an example to other teams that have not yet reached the famed Stanley Cup.

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The Los Angeles Kings are a team that is known for their skill and experience. In the 2015-2016 season, the Kings finished in 8th in the leaugue, 5th in the Western Conference, and 2nd in the Pacific Division. In the past five years, the Kings have been in the playoffs  4 times. In those four times, they won the Stanley Cup twice. They did not qualify to the playoffs in the 2014-2015 season. In addition to winning the Stanley Cup two times, the kings have won 3 Conference Championships, and 1 Division Championship.

The strenghts of the Kings are their pontentially great goalie prospects, skilled wingers, and an overall franchise culture of determination. Their main weaknesses are that their centers are not competitive. When it comes to scoring, in the most recent season, 2015-2016, the Los Angeles Kings had a +30 score difference. They scored 225 goals for, and allowed 195 goals against.

Some of the Kings' top players are captain Dustin Brown, defenseman Matt Greene and center Anze Kopitar. Moreover, the Los Angeles Kings are a large franchise. They have a huge fan base in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. They're used ot being in the spotlight. 

When betting on the Kings, it is important to remember their progression. Between 2012- 2014 they secured two Stanley Cups. Their blitz made a mark in the NHL world. The question that stands now is, will it continue into the future, or is their time over?