Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Odds

After a gruelling regular season the National Hockey League kicks itself into overdrive for the next two months with the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With four rounds of action, including eight best-of-seven series in the first round alone, there are plenty of betting lines available. With less match ups in each ensuing round the stakes are only raised until one team emerges victorious and claims hockey’s most cherished prize, the Stanley Cup. Whether it’s the top seeded Blackhawks in 2013 or the LA Kings, who despite being the last team to qualify ended up winning the whole thing in 2012, it really is a tournament that any team can win. 

Stanley Cup Playoffs Odds Today

Four rounds with games across North America is a lot of hockey to be played. We help you keep track of the betting lines by providing all the top NHL Stanley Cup playoff betting lines for all the action every night with links to our top recommended bookmakers below.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 10 May
New Jersey Devils 19:00 Philadelphia Flyers
New York Islanders 19:00 Boston Bruins
Edmonton Oilers 19:00 Montreal Canadiens +104 -115
Tampa Bay Lightning 19:00 Florida Panthers
Vancouver Canucks 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Dallas Stars 20:00 Chicago Blackhawks
Carolina Hurricanes 20:00 Nashville Predators
St. Louis Blues 22:00 Los Angeles Kings -145 +140
Colorado Avalanche 22:00 Knights
Tuesday 11 May
Boston Bruins 19:00 Washington Capitals
Vancouver Canucks 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Wednesday 12 May
Edmonton Oilers 17:00 Montreal Canadiens
Toronto Maple Leafs 20:00 Ottawa Senators
Minnesota Wild 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Knights 21:00 San Jose Sharks -200 +180
Los Angeles Kings 21:00 Colorado Avalanche +255 -286
Thursday 13 May
Minnesota Wild 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Vancouver Canucks 21:00 Calgary Flames +106 -116
Los Angeles Kings 21:00 Colorado Avalanche +245 -333
Friday 14 May
Toronto Maple Leafs 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Saturday 15 May
Vancouver Canucks 21:00 Edmonton Oilers +128 -156
Sunday 16 May
Calgary Flames 16:00 Vancouver Canucks -116 +106

Best Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Sites

As the Stanley Cup playoffs have expanded over the years hockey fans of all teams have agreed that the Stanley Cup may have become the hardest trophy to win in sports. Whether it’s era defining dynasties such as the late 70’s Montreal Canadiens and early 80’s New York Islanders winning four-in-a-row to the Cinderella teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and their win in 2006, there’s no shortage of excitement on the ice. 

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Best Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Tips

No team that makes the Stanley Cup Playoffs is just happy to be there. With each round that passes some dominant teams will show us why they were so good in the regular season while other teams will get hot at the right time and overcome the odds to advance an extra round or two. Either way one team will get to boast of being a Stanley Cup Champion. 

No Matter if it’s a favourite or an underdog, when it seems like one team is well on their way to advancing, there too many cases of teams coming back to win including some recently coming all the way back from three games to zero down to winning the next four games and taking the series. 

With the best-of-seven series there are many factors to take into account. Home-ice advantage, momentum, style of play and recent historical game data are all key elements in a bettors decision. Bettors also have the choice on various sites of picking individual games, a whole series or filing out a complete playoff bracket. 

As the competition gets smaller with each round bettors can expect the action to only get bigger with additional prop bets to be made available with each passing round.

No matter what the bettor’s choice for action there’s an option to keep the excitement going even if your favourite team has come up short.