The Pitsburg Penguins are one of the orignal twelve teams in the NHL. The Penguins were founded in 1967 as one of the six expansion teams added to the 6-team NHL. They have made it to the Stanley Cup finals four times, winning the cup 3 times in 1991, 1992, and 2009. The Penguins' current roster is composed of infamous names like Sydney Crosby and Phil Kessel. These players, combined with their team, are a menace to any opponent the Penguins may face.

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The Penguins call the Consol Energy Center, located in down town Pitsburd, home. Here are the live betting odds for the Penguins' next game. Below you can see the money line for the game. 

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Bellow are all of the results of the Penguins' games this season. Included in the results are the money lines and odds associated with that game. 

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This year the penguins showed they were a strong contendor for the stanley cup. The penguins finished 4th in the league with 104 points. They finished the Eastern Conference in second place, beind the Capitals. They finished second in the Metroplotian Division behind the Capitals. They have won the stanley cup 3 times before in 1991, 1992, and as recently as 2009. Since 2009 they have concistently been in the playoffs. This shows that the teams is sturdy  

The main strenght of the Pennguins is their fast and aggresive forwards. Also, looking long term, the biggest strenght of the penguins is their prospects. They have  defencive prospects as well as other prospects that are ready to enter the NHL. At the same time, these prospects are the teams biggest weakness. They hurt the team becuase they're not on the ice and contributing, but rather preparing for the future. The team could use them. The sportbooks often cosider them a favorite because of their consistent playoff debuts. 

This season the Penguins have had a 2.94 goals per game. At the same time, this season they've  had 119 goals against them. That's 2.43 goals in per game. When it comes to key players, Sydney Corsby comes to mind. This canadian has been a key player on the penguins for many seasons.

When betting on the Penguins, it's importatnt to look at their place in the playoffs. What game are they in, and what is the series score? As the Penguins advance, they will be faing tougher opponenets. This will make the odds close!