The Bufallo Sabres are a franchise full of oppertunity. Having never won a Stanley Cup before, the Sabres' have a reason to fight till the end. Being so close to Canada and their incredible teams, the Sabres face tough competition. Yet, like their namesake, the Sabres' will continue to fight foe the oppertunity to bring the cup home. Although they are so close to Canada, and so many great teams, they have not been able to secure a Stanley Cup.

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Twice they were in the playoff finals, in 1975 and 1999, losing in both. The  Bufallo Sabres finished 23rd in the league, 15th in the Eastern Conference, and 7th in the Atlantic Division. In the past five years, the  Bufallo Sabres have advanced to the playoffs zero times.

The main strenghts of the  Bufallo Sabres are their versatile centers and their capable goalies. Their main weakness is their lack of talented wingers. In the 2015-2016 season, the  Bufallo Sabres had a -21 scoring difference. They let scored 201 goals for and 222 goals were scored against them. 

Their important players are captain and right winger Brian Gionta as well as defenseman Josh Gorges. The Sabers franchise is realtively small, and therefore, it is important to consider how they'll play against big franchises. When betting on the  Bufallo Sabres it is imporant to conside their most recent standings. In the 2015-2016 season, they finished in the bottom section of the league. Yet, a new year means a new begining for the Sabres.