Canadians love many things and hockey and the National Hockey League are both definitely one. With seven National Hockey League franchises there are plenty of teams to cheer for and love. From its long history and epic rivalries the NHL is one of North American’s top sports leagues to watch and bet on. Here you will find the best NHL betting odds on the web. Betting on hockey makes a great sport even better. Over 100 years of traditional and history transforms a league into more than just a game to enjoy with some pals. The NHL brings together the best hockey players in the world for an 82 gauntlet of a season.

NHL Odds Today

A lengthy 82 game season gives bettors plenty of opportunities to wager on the best hockey the world has to offer. Check below to for the best NHL betting odds today. 

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Updated standings and statistics are an important tool for any bettor. We keep the standings updated after ever game. Find them right here for your convenience. 


Best NHL Betting Tips

After the season wraps up 16 teams move on to the playoffs, which lasts another two months – usually finishing up in early June. With the Stanley Cup teams playing over 100 games in a season, there is no shortage of NHL hockey for bettors pick. We have some tips to check out before you start clicking the links to our top rated sportsbooks and begin wagering away.

Over the past few season, the NHL has seen a decline in goals scored. Throughout the season many solutions are considered, but most are just hearsay but once in a while they become official rules or changes. Keep an eye on offseason activity – not just offseason player transactions – and be knowledgeable of changes that will lead to increases in offensive production.

The starting goaltender in net has a big impact on NHL betting odds and is a major reason why most lines only pop up a day or two before a game. The best goalies on the best teams will typically play 60 to 70 games a season, meaning backups will start every 4 to 8 games on average. Checking websites that track starting goalies will help individuals make better informed wagers.

Knowledge of matchup history, performance at home games compared to road games and injuries all should be researched before laying down a large wager on a game. Teams in the NHL follow trends and being able to identify these trends in their game histories and team statistics can give bettors that extra edge they need.