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As the National Hockey League preseason gets rolling in September, hockey betting odds become a fixture of the betting landscape until the Stanley Cup Champion is crowned in early June. The NHL offers bettors a long season and four rounds of playoff actions. If that is not enough hockey betting action, individuals can find plenty more with North American Junior leagues, international competitions and even some overseas leagues such as the KHL.

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    Best Hockey Betting Tips

    Hockey is a global sport with leagues operating all over North America, Europe and Russia. Coupled this with international competitions – including the Olympics – interest and betting on hockey has greatly expanded since the hockey world was dominated by only six National Hockey League franchises. Now with plenty of teams and options, it is important to understand how these different wagering options work.

    Hockey betting features the traditional money lines, over/under and future prices betting option, but it also features a somewhat unique option called the puck line. The puck line is the lovechild of a money line and a spread bet. A typical hockey money line will have a favourite and an underdog. For example let’s say the Calgary Flames are playing the Dallas Stars.

    The Stars are favoured at a money line of -215 and the Flames are underdogs at +205. A bettor may believe the Stars are a much better team and will more than just win, but win by multiple goals. This bettor will want to look for the puck line. Now Dallas is favoured at -215 on the traditional money line, the puck line may be -1.5/-148 and -2.5/-105. The -1.5 ad -2.5 are spreads, meaning the Star need to win by 2 or 3 goals for the bettor to win their bet. If the Stars beat the Flames by a score of 4-2, then a bettor who wagered on the -1.5/-148 puck line will win while bettors who picked the -2.5/-105 puck line go home empty handed.

    To become like Wayne Gretzky A.K.A "The Great One", bettors need to stay on top of their game. This can be done by regularly checking the standings and stats, paying attention to trades and injuries and looking for mismatches on the ice and between the pipes. Once you have all this down you too can be “Great” at wagering on Canada’s favour sport.