The Super Bowl is the highest bet single event of the year, every year, in the sports betting world as it's something everyone can find some action on. Whether it's the professional gamblers or die-hard football fans that prefer sticking to picking a winner, DFS players isolating player prop numbers that are off, or casual fans wanting to bet the coin toss or colour of the winning Gatorade bath, Super Bowl betting is huge.

Superbowl Odds Today

NFL fans are bombarded with Super Bowl facts, historical anecdotes, and game breakdowns by the boatload in the weeks leading up to the game. If you are more interested in the handicapping process and tracking line moves during those two weeks, the odds are updated continuously below to help you stay on course to find a winner. Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend!

Best Superbowl Betting Sites

With so many betting options on the Super Bowl, online sportsbooks do everything they can to have the best numbers and most betting options around. Below you'll find some highly reputable sportsbooks that will satisfy all of your Super Bowl betting needs. 

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    Best Superbowl Betting Tips

    If you've had success betting on the NFL all year long, the fact that the Super Bowl has arrived shouldn't change much. Yes there are many more prop betting options to sift through if that's what you prefer, but it's still just another football game in the end. The successful methods you used each week during the season should definitely be incorporated as well because if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There typically isn't a whole lot of history between the two combatants, so understanding how each team plays, their strengths/weakenesses, and how they'll hold up vs their opponent is where many start their game breakdowns. From there it's up to you to decide your best plan of attack.

    Along those same lines of bettors forgetting the idea that it really is just another football game that year, don't make the mistake of over-extending your bankroll by looking to get action on anything and everything. NFL bettors love to open up their playcard during the Super Bowl and bet numrous things (player props, special props etc) that they wouldn't normally do. That's a quick way to diminish your bankroll in a hurry, so while practicing smart money management is always key, it's an even bigger thing to check off on your to-do list at Super Bowl time.