Betting on the NFL Playoffs is one of the most exciting times of the year for football bettors. It's only the best of the best left on the field, and with so much scrutiny on every game, point spreads and moneyline prices can fluctuate enough to open up plenty of profitable opportunities. From betting on individual games, to taking shots with conference winners, Super Bowl winners, and other various futures... [+]

NFL bettors have hundreds of betting options available during the playoffs. And when the playoffs work out in your favor, tremendous hedging opportunities come up to guarantee profits get added to the bankroll.

NFL Playoffs Odds Today

Finding NFL playoffs odds today is very easy as every sportsbook out there lists odds on the games. With only 11 total playoff games throughout the whole run, bettors have to be ready and willing to do their homework. Check out the chart below for the most current NFL playoff odds offered. 

Best NFL Playoffs Betting Sites

Understanding numerous NFL playoffs betting trends and situations, and applying them to playoff football is a strong way to start the handicapping process. Bettors can go on some very good playoff runs when they see the odds board well, so shopping around for the best lines at some of the best online sportsbooks - like the ones below - can dramatically increase your bottom line. 

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    Best NFL Playoffs Betting Tips

    Many NFL bettors greatly prefer the betting on the playoffs over the regular season because trying to handicap motivation during the regular season is tremendously difficult and it's a basic non-issue come playoff time. Every team that makes it to the post-season wants to go all the way and that means that handicappers can avoid thinking about if Team A will actually show up or not.

    It's down to the X's and O's, stylistic advantages and disadvantages both teams have, and whether or not they know each other well. Playoff football in the NFL creates plenty of "revenge" type scenarios for teams as you'll often see rematches of regular season contests throughout.

    When that's the case, bettors have a base point (the previous meeting) to fully get a feel and understanding for what those two teams are all about and if potential revenge or other scenarios can play out. It's so hard to beat the same team multiple times in one year in the NFL and finding a "revenge" team that meets many more numbers and projections you'd want on your side can be a very good bet during this time of year. Finally, bettors shouldn't be afraid to make a futures bet or two prior to the NFL playoffs begininning.

    Because it's such a short playoff season (4 weeks), tremendous hedging opportunites will exist down the road should those future bets stay live for a long time. Guaranteed profit are two words every sports bettor loves to hear, and it feels even better when you are personally in that spot.