The NFC South is a bettor’s dream, with wild action nearly every year. Recently, Around The NFL Writer, Conor Orr, said that the, “NFC South remains one of the most bizarre divisions in football.” The Carolina Panther have had the most success in the division. But even they are tough to predict, after winning the division with a sub-.500 record one year, then ran away with it the following year and nearly went undefeated. It still has extremely deep talent with teams such as the Atlanta Falcons, the Panthers, the Saints, and the Buccaneers. [+]

Each team has a quality franchise player in the likes of Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, and Jameis Winston.

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NFC South Standings

Here’s a look at the NFC South standings, complete with each team’s win-loss record and scoring this season. 


Best NFC South Betting Tips

Season by season, betting on the NFC South can be fascinating. The division boasts a deceptive amount of depth, from a historical context. Since the 2002 realignment, it is the only division to have each of its teams make a conference championship game appearance.

Where is the smart action? Great questions. Carolina seems to be poised for great things, but the rest of the division is anyone’s guess. It seems like everyone else is going to play catch-up for a while. That being said, each team has a franchise-quality arm in their quarterback. This makes them all single game threats, and fun teams to pick for upsets against higher ranked teams. Even the worst teams in the NFL will win a handful of games each year. The key, obviously is to be the one who knows when those wins will happen, and against which unfortunate teams. 

Do your homework, and base your bets on the current trends for both teams, and take a good hard look at the injury report to track any new holes in the lineups. 

Surprisingly, the underrated depth of talent in the division also means these teams are likely never really out of any given game, and are a threat for a big 4th quarter comeback. Watch these games all the way to the end and don’t give up on your team. Don’t storm away from the TV angrily when your team is down 20-10. They can put up points in a hurry. So stick around to celebrate your last-minute-victory.