The NFC’s East division is home to the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. The Cowboys have won the most division titles over the years, but every single team has made it to at least one Super Bowl game since the conference was re-aligned in 2002. These are big market teams with big time salaries and expectations, year-after-year. The NFC East is home to four of the top seven of most valuable NFL franchises (Cowboys #1; Redskins #3; Giants #4; Eagles #7). [+]

This means these teams aren’t shy about paying millions to get the top level talent. All 4 are considered quality destinations in luring free agent players to come play for them. This also means all 4 have deep resources, and are unlikely to stay down for long after a losing season.

NFC East Odds Today

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NFC East Standings

Here’s a glance at the current NFC East Standings. Take a look at who’s on top and who’s scoring big this year. Bookmark this page and check it every weekend for the latest. 


Best NFC East Betting Tips

This is one of the more interesting divisions in all of pro sports to bet on. These teams play in some of the United States' largest media markets (New York No. 1, Philadelphia, No. 4, Dallas-Fort Worth No. 5, and Washington No. 8). This means high visibility, high pressure, and high payrolls. 

It also means the team will rise and fall pretty regularly from the standings. When they’re not on top, they’re rebuilding. But rebuilding takes less time when you’re a big market team that can afford to pay and attract marquee free agent players.

So pay close attention to the conference standing (see above), the injury report and the recent trends. It can be tough to bet how each team is going to fair, before the season starts. But once it’s underway, you definitely make more informed bets, based on who is playing well, and who is disappointing. Do your research and take a close look at the matchups this weekend.

This can be one of the harder divisions to call, but smart bettors can find the sweet spot and figure out how to find a winner. Because this is a great division for single-game-big-money wins. Trying to figure out a longer term better plan can be challenging.