The Chargers are moving back to Los Angeles for the first time since their inaugural year and a ton of changes are underway both with the on-field team and front office. Despite only having one Superbowl appearance and a few playoff appearances, the Chargers tend to be a better team than their lack of postseason success indicate. As such, sly gamblers look to them for upset opportunities or just as a solid team to bet on at a sound price.

San Diego Chargers Odds Today

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San Diego Chargers Schedule

NFL teams perform differently depending on the environment they play in. Playing at home can have huge advantages especially for a warm weather team like the Chargers. Check the table here to find the latest results and upcoming games for the Chargers.

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San Diego Chargers Standings

Instead of just focusing on the outcome of a single game, look at how a Chargers win or loss shakes up the division and/or conference. As the season winds down to the final games, teams jockey for position for the playoffs. We keep you updated with the table below, which can also be viewed by division, conference or overall standings.

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San Diego Chargers Betting

Betting on the NFL can take place in many forms and depending on your sportsbook you may have more options than others. Perhaps the one you’ll need to be familiar with most is the money line. This is where you go to make a straight up bet on an NFL team.

If you’re betting the Chargers on the money line, they will appear as either a minus number or a plus number. These two sets of numbers are based off of a standard $100 bet. The minus number indicates the favourite and at -135 for instance, you have to wager $135 to win $100. The plus number indicates the underdog and at +125, you win $125 on a $100 bet. The minus shows how much you have to pay and the plus, how much you win.

The money line odds are a rough translation of a team’s probability of winning according to the oddsmakers. Hence, the likelier a team is at winning the more expensive they will become on the money line. And conversely, the unlikelier they are to win the bigger the payoff if you bet on them.

The Chargers are undergoing a lot of changes and a team in the process of relocating could have many unquantifiable effects on the team. It’s best to keep a close eye on the Chargers moving forward to see how they adapt to their new city (and stadium).