Since their debut with the AFL in 1960, the Raiders have been a rollercoaster of a franchise. The team is the recipient of three Vince Lombardi trophies but also relocated twice between Oakland and Los Angeles. Their latest incarnations have been cellar dwellers and haven’t sniffed the playoffs for over a decade. Some bright prospects, however give the franchise some much-needed life and both fans and gamblers expect better things for Raider nation… Just as during the good old times (between the 70s to the 90s). [+]

Led by Hall of Famers like Fred Biletnikoff and Marcus Allen, they won three Superbowls and were a constant title threat.

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This is the Raider’s next game along with the betting lines from the top sportsbooks. Check your bookmaker and verify the odds or any last minute roster changes before betting.

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This widget gives you a closer look at how the Raiders are doing for the season. It shows previous games results and upcoming games. Betting odds are listed and the table allows you to check home and away games separately.

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Check this table to see where the Raiders stack up in comparison to their division, conference or the whole league. Also keep tabs on the progress of the Raiders’ division and conference rivals. The Raiders may not win the division but they may have a decent shot at qualifying as a wild card team.

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Oakland Raiders Betting

However, since returning to Oakland from Los Angeles the Raiders have struggled mightily and much can be blamed on the ineptitude of their front office as they drafted bust after bust for years.

Due to how mismanaged and bad the Raiders have become, they are a popular team to bet against. Go to your sportsbook’s money line to place a bet. A minus number like -200 indicates a favourite. You need to bet $200 to win $100. A plus number like +150 shows an underdog. You win $150 on a $100 bet. The likelier a team is expected to win, the pricier they will be on the betting lines.

Underdog teams like the Raiders will be very rewarding for riskier bettors who want to take a shot at them but the more conservative approach is to try them on the point spread.

of betting the Raiders straight up to win, you can just bet on them to cover. A number of +8.5, for instance, indicates the points spotted for the Raiders. That number is added on their score and if it goes over their opponent’s, they win the bet even if they technically lose the game. Contrariwise, a number of -3.5 indicates the points the Raiders need to win by. It is subtracted from their score and if it goes below their opponent’s, the bet loses.

When you’ve been down for so long, the only way to go is up. Both fans and gamblers await the Raiders hoping to finally be rewarded their enduring patience.