Although usually overshadowed by their more prominent division rivals, the Chiefs are constantly known as a dark horse contender despite only winning a few playoff games since the AFL-NFL merger in 1969. The Chiefs have a Superbowl in their resume and the Arrowhead Stadium is famed for how loud it becomes when the Chiefs faithful embrace their team with full fervor. The Chiefs are usually a decent bet for a reasonable price.

Kansas City Chiefs Odds Today

This is what’s next for the Chiefs. This widget keeps track of the next game and gives live updates of the score. Check for any late notifications before betting on the Chiefs.

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Kansas City Chiefs Schedule

The Chiefs can be notoriously difficult to stop at the Arrowhead Stadium but on the road is a different story. This schedule organizes their upcoming games and tracks their previous results along with the betting odds for your reference.

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Kansas City Chiefs Standings

Use the table below to get updated on how the NFL is shaping up including how the Chiefs are doing in regards to their division and/or conference standing. Division rivalries are of utmost relevance and using this tool can help you better research its games.

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Kansas City Chiefs Betting

Betting can be very fun and depending on what bookmaker you use, the options you will receive will be plentiful. One of the main selections available will be the straight bet on the money line: where you stake your money on one of the teams to win, straight up.

Before placing any bets on the money line, analyze the odds on each team. A minus line like -215 indicates a favourite and a $215 bet returns $100. Conversely, a +185 is an underdog and $185 is profited on a $100 bet. The nature of the money line determines how much you’ll need to spend based on how likely of a winner a team is according to oddsmakers. The likelier a winner, the more expensive they are and vice versa when it comes to underdogs.

Outside the money line, another popular betting option is the over/unders or totals. Instead of betting the winner, you bet whether the combined score of both teams will go over or under the projected number. If the number is 48.5 and the Chiefs beat the Raiders 27-23, their combined score of 50 goes over 48.5 so the winning bet is the over. Be sure to research the offensive and defensive capabilities of both teams before betting here.

The Chiefs are generally longshots to win the division but manage to field some solid teams. With a new system, promising young players and daring management, who knows just how good the Chiefs can really become. Keep a constant eye out on them as they may just edge out their division rivals as they re-tool.